Telecom Operations Might Fully Shut Down in Virus Hotspots

Telecom operators have warned the government that services might shut down in COVID-19 Hotspots if the emergency team are not allowed to operate

  • Local Authorities are not allowing Telecom Staff to operate in Hotspot areas
  • Delhi, Mumbai and Uttar Pradesh have been marked as COVID-19 Hotspots
  • COAI has urged DoT to intervene and ensure seamless connectivity

As the threat of COVID-19 is increasing drastically, the government of India has labelled various hotspots. These hotspots have been affected by the virus severely, and strict lockdown has been imposed in hotspots cities. Also, telecom operators who are trying to ensure seamless connectivity are not being allowed to operate in virus hotspot areas by the local authorities. Major telecom operators like Vodafone Idea, Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio have already warned the government that telecom services might be shut down in the COVID-19 hotspots if the emergency technical team are not allowed to operate in the premises.

Delhi, Mumbai and Uttar Pradesh are Worst Affected by COVID-19

The spread of coronavirus is increasing tension for the government. Even the lockdown period was imposed by the government, cases have been in increased across the nation. In the top, Mumbai has been worst affected by the virus, and the highest number of cases have been registered in Maharashtra. Similarly, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh have also been facing the wrath of COVID-19. Cases have been increased drastically in these nations.

Dot Must Ensure Seamless Connectivity

Rajan Mathews, who is the director general of Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) stated that DoT should intervene in the matter and make sure that users get telecom services amid stressful times. If the telecom services are shut down in hotspots area, tension and hassle will be increased, which will create more trouble for the government. COAI also urged that Dot should work with state governments and allow movements of telecom staff who are trying to provide seamless services in the lockdown period.

Telecom Operators Network Traffic Increased

Since the lockdown period started, people are stuck at home. Also, all the organisations have announced work from home to ensure safety from Covid-19. As a result, digital users are using more internet and telecom services to facilitate work from home and entertainment purposes. However, increased traffic on network towers has stressed telecom operators. Bharti Airtel has already asked major telcos to allow intra roaming connectivity. Not only this, but various streaming platforms have also switched HD content in SD to reduce network usage and save bandwidth. Telecom operators also have urged the government to provide subsidy which will be allocated towards seamless telecom services.

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