Tech Adoption Rate Increased Dramatically During the Pandemic

According to a report, the lockdown has resulted in enhanced digital literacy and ease of use when it comes to tech for the older sections of society

By May 15th, 2021 AT 9:17 PM

Tech adoption

Covid-19 has had major implications all around the world, wreaking havoc even to this day. With the pandemic came the need to stay at home to stay safe and, it seems that constant lockdowns and quarantines within homes have had some positive effects.

The previous year saw people adapting to technology like never before, going from doing tasks physically to suddenly moving online, from business owners to students to the old, everyone had to use technology for the most basic things.

With this enhanced dependence on technology, it seems that older adults have been well adapted to technology, at least as per a report that suggests lockdown might have resulted in ease of adapting to technology within the older sections of society.

Yes, the people who at one time believed tech to be odd and quirky are now inept with it due to the increased dependence, allowing them to catch up with the times, for lack of a better metaphor.

What Does The Report Suggest

The report suggests that older adults have engaged with technology in massive amounts, for tasks such as keeping up with exercise regimes, religious activities and staying in touch with their loved ones.

The participants of the test suggested that they interacted with their neighbours for the first time via the internet and by making use of Google Meet or Zoom, with some of them stating that they moved to this medium for trivial tasks such as regular conversations or general meet and greets with their acquaintances.

Furthermore, those who engaged in such activities did not fall prey to loneliness, thus being able to adapt to and make use of technology to keep in touch with their loved ones. Social distancing also seems to have had an impact, with many users realising the wonder of technology and how it does not have physical bounds such as distance.

The report also mentions that due to the lockdown the overall digital literacy has gone up, now making older sections of society more dependent than ever before, since they were forced to make use of technology for basic needs such as groceries and clothes.

Over 84% of these participants were 60 years or older, with 91 out of the 1,400 people being studied mentioning that their prayer groups had moved online, whilst some mentioned family meetings had become Zoom meetings and game nights.

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