Google Meet’s Green Room Feature Can Be Used to Check Your Setup Before a Meeting

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Picture this, you join a meeting only to find out that your camera is not connected, or your mic is failing. This issue is something that has become increasingly common with each and every passing day, with video calls and Zoom/Google Meet based meetings becoming the new norm.

If you are in an official meeting just to discover that some aspect of your setup is not working, it is far less than ideal. Today, Google Meet announced "Green Room", a unique way of checking that everything works before the user joins a particular meeting or call. As per Google, the user can make use of this new functionality to confirm that the peripheral devices that are part of one's setup and fully working and connected, so as to ensure that there will be no issues during the call.

The user can also check as to whether their internet connection is fast and check the noise being picked up by your mic whilst on a call, making sure that unwanted chatter is not picked up by your mic in the middle of a meeting. 

If during the said test the Green Room picks up any discrepancies, a warning pops up to help the user understand the problem and cater to the same. The rollout for this feature has begun, with Google stating that it might take a maximum of 15 days for this new feature to appear for most users.

How Does Green Room Work?

Once the user clicks on the meeting link, instead of transferring the user directly to the call, the app will show an option to 'Check your audio and video' as a prompt below the meeting screen. Tapping on this option will result in the opening of a green room, wherein the user can see a preview of themselves, make changes to the mic and speaker setup and adjust the camera, making tweaks to the position and more.

The feature which has been available on Zoom for some time is finally going to be present in Google Meet, aiding in making the chances of a goof-up during a particular meeting far less likely. 

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