Tata Sky Set-Top Boxes Now Available in 5 Variants for New Users

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Tata Sky has become the top DTH operator of India and it has remained in that positions for a long time now. Even though it doesn’t offer the cheapest plans and STBs in the market, it makes up for its expensive pricing by providing excellent services. Part and parcel of its services is adding and removing offers. So there are five STBs available for customers to choose from — Tata Sky Binge+, Tata Sky HD Set-Top Box, Tata Sky+ HD Set-Top Box, Tata Sky SD Set-Top Box, and Tata Sky Ultra HD 4K Set-Top Box.

Tata Sky SD Set-Top Box

The Tata Sky SD Set-Top Box comes for Rs 1,499. It supports standard-definition video quality. There are a range of Tata Sky services that a user can enjoy from. Since it is an SD Set-Top Box, none of the HD plans would work with the STB. But the customer can upgrade from the SD Set-Top Box to HD or any other STB from the DTH operators offerings anytime they wish to. Right now, for new users, Tata Sky

Tata Sky HD Set-Top Box

An interesting thing to note is that even though HD STB is superior quality than the SD STB, it comes at a similar price as of the latter. The customer can opt for the HD Set-Top Box from Tata Sky for a price of Rs 1,499. All the videos delivered will be in 1080i resolution with the support of Dolby Digital Surround Sound. Users can opt for HD plans from the DTH operator if they have this box.

Tata Sky+ HD Set-Top Box

Tata Sky+ HD Set-Top Box is the second most expensive STB offered by Tata Sky at the moment. It comes for a price of Rs 4,999. There is not much difference between the Tata Sky+ HD Set-Top Box and Tata Sky HD Set-Top Box. This one also comes with 1080i resolution video support and Dolby Digital Surround Sound support. But one major difference between the two STBs is that the Tata Sky+ HD Set-Top Box can record up to three different channels at the same time. So the customer won’t have to worry about missing on any of their favourite shows.

Tata Sky Binge+ Set-Top Box

This one is an Android STB offered by Tata Sky. It comes with the support for all the Live TV channels but with that, you can also stream from your favourite OTT content platforms with the Binge service this STB offers. There is also Google Assistant present on the remote for taking voice commands. The STB comes with an inbuilt Chromecast so you can mirror your smartphone on the TV. The Binge service for the first 6 months comes totally for free when a person purchases a new Tata Sky Binge+ Set-Top Box.

Tata Sky Ultra HD 4K Set-Top Box

This is the most expensive STB that Tata Sky is offering at the moment. It is priced at Rs 6,400. The Set-Top Box allows the viewers to watch their content on a 16:9 aspect ratio and supports Ultra HD (3840 x 2160 pixels) support for better visuals and offers the support of Dolby Digital Surround Sound for enhanced audio experience.

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