Tata Sky Revises Pricing of 25 Channel Packs on Its Platform, Also Changes Bundled Channels

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Tata Sky has been one of the most popular DTH service providers around the industry. The company caters to a humongous user base in the country. However, with the new rules and norms which have come into play, the service providers had to adjust to these changes. Tata Sky is no exception to this rule. Due to some of the changes, removal of some channels and addition of others, Tata Sky has revised the pricing of a bunch of its channel packs. It is worth noting that in total, Tata Sky has revised the pricing of 25 of its channel packs along with the channels which come in them.


Tata Sky 25 Channel Packs Changes Detailed

It is worth noting that these 25 channels packs which have been changed do not belong to a specific price tag, but the packs which have been revised with channel/price reduction or addition range from the cheapest packs to some premium packs as well. Most of the packs which have been revised for Tata Sky subscribers are regional packs, and they come with a focus on a specific language.

Some of the packs which have been revised include the Gujarati Regional pack which previously used to be available for Rs 7 is now available for Rs 8.49. The pack used to offer 4 channels, and now it provides 5 channels. Similarly, the Tamil Family Sports pack which used to retail for Rs 267 is now available for Rs 254.27. This reduction in price is accompanied by a new channel as now the channel count for this pack is 77 instead of 76. Some of the other packs have also changed in pricing although by not a lot of margin, include the names like Telugu Family Sports pack which was previously available for subscription at Rs 285 and now it is available for Rs 282. There has also been a new channel addition to this pack, pushing the total channel count to 75.

More Channels Undergoing Change in Pricing

The list of the channel packs also includes names like Kannada Family Sports, Telugu Family Sports HD, Kannada Family Sports HD, Malayalam Family Sports HD, Tamil Family Kids Sports, Tamil Premium Sports English, Telugu Premium Sports and English, Tamil Telugu Basic, Malayalam Basic, Telugu Kannada Basic, Tamil Regional HD, Hindi Starter, Hindi Starter HD and Kannada Smart Plan as well. As you can see, Tata Sky has revamped the prices and channel composition of a lot of its plans ranging from starter packs to premium regional packs as well.

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