Tata Sky App Now Gets Personalised Recommendation Feature Along With Ability to Add New Profiles

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Tata Sky has been on the frontlines lately. After the new national tariff order, the DTH provider has been introducing new plans and launching more and more offers. Recently, Tata Sky announced a partnership with ThinkAnalytics under which it will make relevant content recommendations to the viewers on My Tata Sky app and on the Tata Sky official website. Following this partnership, Tata Sky has updated its mobile app for the users thus bringing some of the new features to the latest version of the application. As part of this new version, the ThinkAnalytics partnership will come to fruition, and Tata Sky subscribers will be able to access these latest features.

Tata Sky New Features – Recommendations and Multiple Profiles

Tata Sky in its official My Tata Sky webpage has highlighted two new main features which come as part of this new Tata Sky app version. The first feature in this list is the personal recommendation feature. During the partnership with ThinkAnalytics, Tata Sky had revealed that it would start making content recommendations to the viewers depending on the genre of channels that they watch. Further, the recommendations would also factor in the language, and other viewership patterns while making content recommendations to the viewers. The Tata Sky app is currently using machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to generate these recommendations.

In another additional feature which Tata Sky

has introduced for its viewers, the DTH provider is now providing the option to the viewers to add additional profiles on the My Tata Sky app. Previously, the My Tata Sky app used to provide the ability to manage only a single profile of the user who was logged in. However, now the app will allow the users to make multiple profiles on the application. The benefit of this would be custom recommendations. Based on the data which Tata Sky asks during new profile registration, the DTH provider will make custom recommendations based on age, interests, genres and more. Owing to this new feature, now Tata Sky users will be able to create profiles for each of the family members to get personalised recommendations for each viewer.

My Tata Sky App Additional Features

It is worth noting that My Tata Sky app is the self-care application for the Tata Sky subscribers. The app offers many features for the viewers to manage their subscription in many ways. The application enables the users to maintain watchlist in addition to providing them access to Live TV shows. Further, users can also set reminders about their favourite TV shows. The application also allows Tata Sky subscribers to add or remove channels from their subscription, and recharge their plan as and when needed.

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Published by
Arpit Sharma

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