Tata Play, Jio and Airtel Offer a Very Similar 1 Gbps Broadband Plan

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1 Gbps Broadband Plans

The Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer a variety of broadband plans for their users according to their suitability with different price tags and speeds. Tata Play, Jio and Airtel provide almost similar 1 Gbps plan when it comes to pricing and data limit. While Airtel and Jio offer the plan at identical price tags, Tata Play actually offers a cheaper plan, however, the benefits are different. Mentioned are the 1 Gbps broadband plans offered by Tata Play, Jio and Airtel along with the plan benefits.

Tata Play Fiber 1 Gbps Plan

Tata Sky recently changed its moniker to Tata Play Fiber, the plans, however, remained the same. The high-end unlimited 1 Gbps plan from Tata Play Fiber comes at a monthly cost of Rs 3,600. Users can get this plan for the long term too, as the company offers the 1 Gbps plan for different validity periods. For a period of three months, users can get the plan for Rs 10,800, for a validity period of six months the plan costs Rs 19,800 on which users actually save Rs 1,800 and lastly for a period of one year the plan costs Rs 36,000 saving Rs 7,200 for the users. Users receive 3300GB or 3.3TB of Fair Usage Policy (FUP) data along with this broadband plan after which the speed is reduced to 3 Mbps.

JioFiber 1 Gbps Plans

When it comes to 1 Gbps plans JioFiber offers two plans with different data limits. However, the plan we are talking about comes at a price tag of Rs 3,999 per month (30 days) and offers 1 Gbps of internet speed with a FUP data limit of 3.3TB or 3300GB. In addition to this Jio offers a ton of OTT subscriptions which include access to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar and thirteen others. The Amazon Prime Video that comes bundled with this plan has a validity period of one year.

Airtel Xstream 1 Gbps Plan

Airtel offers a 1Gbps unlimited data plan as well which is called the Infinity plan. Users can get the Airtel Xstream Fiber connection to access the ‘Infinity’ plan. The plan offers 1Gbps of high-speed internet data at a cost of Rs 3,999 for a month. The FUP data for all unlimited plans is 3500GB or 3.5TB. The price of the plan is excluding GST and it may be charged as applicable. The plan also comes with a subscription to some of the major OTT platforms in India such as Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ Hotstar along with access to Wynk Music.

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