TAIPA Urges BSNL to Clear Outstanding Dues of Infrastructure Providers for Seamless Telecom Services

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The Tower And Infrastructure Providers Association (TAIPA) has requested BSNL to clear the outstanding dues of telecom infrastructure provider in lockdown period to ensure seamless connectivity. Since the payments are not made, service providers are facing difficulty to maintain continuous connectivity of telecom services in challenging times, which is the prime need of the nation. TAIPA has addressed PK Purwar who is Chairman and Managing Director of BSNL along with Telecom Secretary Anshu Prakash to get in the matter and get outstanding dues of Telecom infrastructure providers cleared.

Telecom Infrastructure Providers are Facing Financial Distress

All the Service Providers indulged in telecom infrastructure services are facing huge financial distress as they are getting multiple difficulties to offer seamless telecom services. One of the significant challenges that TAIPA members are facing is the default in payment of rent money to landlords. TAIPA marked that Landowners, where BSNL sites are installed, is demanding their rents else they would take strict actions, which will distress the telecom network. Apart from this, TAIPA marked that members are also facing difficulty to manage the day to day operations due to low liquidity of cash.

Non-Payment of Dues is leading to Blackout in Nearby Areas of BSNL Sites

Taipa addressed all the problems to both BSNL Chairman and Telecom Secretary Anshu Prakash which they are facing due to non-payment of Telecom Infrastructure. Another major problem being faced by members is the maintenance of the uptime of the towers, which is further leading to blackout in nearby sites along with network fluctuations. Also, non-payment of dues is impacting the purchase of diesel and batteries which are necessary for the proper functioning of BSNL tower sites.

Payment of Outstanding Dues will Ensure Seamless Telecom Services

TAIPA has especially noted that payment of outstanding dues to service providers will help the members to ensure seamless telecom services. Since the entire nation is facing the wrath of Covid-19, 24*7 Telecom services will help the subscribers of BSNL to stay connected with their loved ones and fulfil their entertainment and work purposes. Also, members indulged in the maintenance of BSNL network sites will get relief from the payment of dues.

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