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The OnePlus Tablet Might Just Break the Market!

OnePlus has not had it easy over the past few weeks, from concerns regarding the future of the company owing to the merger with Oppo to the not so well received Nord CE 5G, which is also under the eye of critics world over. This might not be an easy phase for the company that, at a time was the primary choice for enthusiasts in India and around the world.... Read More

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Leakster Suggests OnePlus Could Launch Nord 2 in Last 10 Days of July

OnePlus the popular enthusiast brand, has been under flak in recent months after offering sub-par software support to its devices, which were usually purchased due to great software support. Add to this the decision of OnePlus merging with Oppo, the enthusiast fan base of the company has been in turmoil regarding the future of the brand. Recently, the company launched the Nord CE 5G in India, which borrows certain core... Read More

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Smartphones to Look Out for in July 2021

The Indian smartphone market is witnessing the launch of premium and budgeted smartphones. Some of the major smartphones entities like Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme and OnePlus are gearing up to launch exclusive handsets in July 2021. Not only this, but the very own domestic entity Micromax is also gearing up to launch its In 2B handset in India. If you are a smartphone enthusiast, embrace yourself for all the upcoming smartphones... Read More

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Leakster Suggests OnePlus Will Be Flagship Brand for Oppo

After each and every passing week, we get to hear more and more about the future of OnePlus, with a special emphasis on Oppo. Just yesterday, we learnt that the company would now be merging the codebase of OxygenOS with Oppo's ColorOS, so as to offer better support. Today, however, there are some interesting hardware-based details that are a bit shocking. This shocking detail comes via a Chinese leaker on... Read More

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OnePlus 9T May Sport 108MP Hasselblad Sensor, Launch Expected in Q3 2021

Earlier this year, a report had suggested that OnePlus, the company that has been at the front of multiple changes that might impact the company's offerings down the line, might not offer a Pro model for the upcoming OnePlus 9T, which brings incremental upgrades to the regular number-series of devices that are launched in the first half of the year. In relation to this, during the launch of the last... Read More

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OnePlus and Oppo Merger Isn’t Surprising

For the unaware, OnePlus was started by Carl Pie and Pete Lau. It is interesting to note that both Pie and Lau used to work at Oppo before starting OnePlus. Further, smartphone brands including OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, and Vivo are owned by a Guangdong-based conglomerate called BBK Electronics. So all of these companies have been sharing resources, supply channels, products internally. But here’s the reason that OnePlus and Oppo merger... Read More

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Leaked OnePlus Memo Has Us Worried for This Reason

OnePlus' CEO Pete Lau had earlier this week announced that the company and Oppo would be further integrated with each other, with this being nothing new to most users, considering how both entities are owned by BBK Electronics, which also owns Vivo and Realme, two other competitors for OnePlus. When one considers how the level of integration was already quite confusing, considering how some new products were similar, if not... Read More

June 16th, 2021 7:04 PM 7 COMMENTS

OnePlus Promises Faster and Stable Updates Post Merger With Oppo

Post years and years of speculating that the reason for OnePlus settling was the Oppofication of the company, it seems the evidence is now there to support this theory. In recent times, OnePlus, once known as a flagship killing brand has seemingly lost a step and, in doing so, been subject to many queries. In response to this, it has always mentioned that it was a separate entity. Recently, however,... Read More

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OnePlus 9T Can Be a Game Changer

So OnePlus launched the OnePlus Nord CE 5G in India yesterday. The device has some cool features but does it send the OnePlus ideology across the market? That's debatable. Nonetheless, Twitter doesn’t seem to be too happy with the latest launch from the company. Users don’t like multiple things about the smartphone, and they are kind of right about it. Like we said earlier, OnePlus hasn’t been the company it... Read More

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OnePlus Nord CE 5G, Device With a Sneaky Value

The much anticipated OnePlus Nord CE 5G has launched in India. The device has launched with everything the fans expected it to come with. The device has been priced at a very decent range and is available in three different variants. Its display specs are perfect for the price it is coming for and there’s not a lot one can complain about except for one thing, the device only comes... Read More

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OnePlus Nord CE 5G Specifications Leaked, Might Support Only One 5G Band

OnePlus will launch the OnePlus Nord CE 5G through a virtual event in the evening today. The smartphone has been highly anticipated because of the promise of more for a lower price. But in a disappointing turn of events, it has been leaked that the OnePlus Nod CE 5G might only support one 5G band in India. According to the famous tipster Mukul Sharma, the OnePlus Nord CE 5G is... Read More

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OnePlus Nord CE 5G Key Features and Price Leaked Days Before Launch

OnePlus launched the OnePlus Nord in 2020 to enter into the popular mid-range smartphone segment of the market. A new model in the Nord Series, namely the OnePlus Nord CE 5G, is all set to launch on June 10th in India. As it has become customary for companies to tease features of their upcoming smartphones to build interest, OnePlus has also been teasing features of the OnePlus Nord CE 5G... Read More

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