Sun Direct Unveils HD and SD Regional Base Packages In-Line With Trai Rules

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South India’s popular Direct-to-the-Home (DTH) service provider, Sun Direct, has unveiled a wide-range DPO packages based on the new pricing scheme from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai). Sun Direct has launched numerous DPO packs across various languages for both the SD and HD users. While the HD DPO packs launched are just three, the SD DPO packs unveiled are 12. Furthermore, Sun Direct has already removed NCF charges alongside Tata Sky to reduce the TV subscription bill of its subscribers. Sun Direct customers are pretty much disappointed as the operator did not unveil any HD packs as of now, but that has changed now. Although the DTH operator has launched only three HD DPO packs, we might see more of them coming in the near future.

Sun Direct HD DPO Packs Start at Rs 294 Per Month

As noted, Sun Direct has launched three HD DPO packs and they start at Rs 294. The first one on the list is the HD Tamil DPO Pack 1 which is priced at Rs 294 and the second one is the HD Tamil DPO Pack 2 that costs Rs 379 every month for the subscribers. The HD Tamil DPO Pack 1 comes with 195 channels, while the DPO Pack 2 ships with 200 HD channels. The HD Tamil DPO Pack 3 costs Rs 549 every month for the subscribers. Do make a note that the prices mentioned above are inclusive of GST.

Sun Direct Launches DPO Packs Starting at Rs 168

To recall, Sun Direct is one of the DTH providers who removed NCF fee for additional channels over its base pack. The move put it ahead of other DTH providers who are charging a premium from their subscribers if they are adding more channels to their packs. As a result, instead of just getting 100 channels in their base pack, Sun Direct subscribers are getting access to 141 channels for precisely the same amount of Rs 130. It is worth noting that this price is exclusive of GST.

Since Sun Direct has stopped charging NCF fees for channels over the base pack, Distribution Platform Operators (DPOs) are also giving Sun channels for free. On the Sun Direct website, we were able to spot many DPO packs which have been listed by the provider. Besides the NCF channel pack of 141 channels and Rs 130 exclusive of GST, other DPO packs on the site included the Tamil DPO Pack 1 which is offering 182 channels for Rs 168.64 plus GST. The Tamil DPO Pack 2 is next on the list, and it is offering 200 channels, and it will be available to the subscribers for Rs 194.91 plus GST.

Sun Direct DPO Packs in Kannada, Malayalam and Telugu

Sun Direct is also offering two packs each in Malayalam and Kannada. Next on the list of DPO packs, Sun Direct is offering Malayalam DPO Pack 1 which is available for Rs 177.96 exclusive of taxes, and it provides 185 channels. Another Malayalam pack is the Malayalam DPO Pack 2 which is slightly higher priced at Rs 199.15, and it offers 200 channels. The Kannada DPO Pack 1 and Kannada DPO Pack 2 each offers 184 and 207 channels and the price for these packs has been set at Rs 178.81 and Rs 224.57 exclusive of GST. Lastly, there is also the Telugu DPO Pack 1 and Pack 2 which ships 192 and 211 channels respectively and these are available for Rs 179.66 and Rs 230.5 before GST.

What’s worth noting is that these DPO packs are shipping Sun Direct channels for free. After the new pricing introduction by Sun Direct, it has become easy for the DPOs to package the Sun Direct channels without affecting the overall cost of the subscription for the consumers. No doubt, that in a competitive DTH market with big players like Tata Sky and Airtel Digital TV this move will help the Southern player in making its mark.

Notably, the Sun Direct Telugu DPO 1 doesn’t ship with Zee Telugu and Zee Cinemalu channels which are the popular channels among TV viewers. Another thing worth noting is the prices mentioned above are final prices and there won’t be any additional NCF charges applicable. Having said that, if a subscriber chooses the Telugu DPO Pack 1, then the monthly charges will come around Rs 212 including GST (prices mentioned above are exclusive of 18% GST). Sun Direct subscribers can head over to the company’s website or mobile app to choose these DPO packs.

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