How to Stop Incoming Calls Without Flight Mode

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All the telecom operators in India have been taking several measures to control spam calls. Yet, after all these measures of the operators, customers are still irritated by those spam calls. Surely, they can be annoying. But there are times when users do not want to get disturbed even by the normal voice calls. Like when we are playing games, watching movies on OTT platforms, or when you are out with friends or in a critical meeting with your boss. Also, some people do not want to receive calls at all. So, here’s how to stop incoming calls without using flight mode. Read the article to the end for a detailed guide.

Steps to Stop Incoming Calls

Navigate to the call settings on your smartphone (different for each device) and click on the ‘call forwarding’ option. Once you click on it, you will see three more options, ‘always forward’, 'forward when busy’ and ‘forward when unanswered’.

Tap on always forward and enter a number that is either switched off or that does not exist. Then, click on the enable button. This will stop all the calls on your number. You can also use mobile data without any issue.

More Ways to Stop the Calls

Go to the settings app on your smartphone then, tap on ‘Sound’. Select the ‘Do Not Disturb’ option and click on Calls. Once you tap on calls, select the ‘Do not allow any calls’ from the popup menu and toggle ‘allow repeat callers’ to off position.

You can also use the ‘call barring’ method. For that, open your phone app and tap on the ‘menu overflow button’ (three dots) in the top right corner of the screen (generally for Android devices, for other devices, it is different). Then tap on the Settings and click on Calls. Within the calls menu, click on the ‘call barring’ option. Tap on all incoming calls and enter the call barring password, which is mostly 0000 or 1234. Then tap on ‘Turn on’.

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