5G, Wi-Fi 6 Ready Software From STL to Allow Easy Shift to XaaS Model

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STL, an industry-leading integrator of digital networks on Wednesday launched an all-new Network Software portfolio under the name of NSW 2.0, with the new generation of software solutions from the company tipped to offer multi-tenant, micro-services based architecture which is cloud0native with a hyper-scaler certified approach that should allow telcos to jump towards an Everything-as-a-Service or XaaS economy.

At this moment of time, the telecom industry is at an inflation point and is currently witnessing a shift in terms of its consumption and pay-as-you-go model. There is also an increased need for the unlocking of new revenue streams and infrastructures, as well as the adoption of agile business models.

A report that was recently has suggested that approximately 72% of 5G revenue growth is dependent on the transformation of OSS/BSS. However, the shift to the better suited XaaS model is obstructed by data security, integration complexity and costs. STL’s new NSW 2.0 portfolio will enable Communications Service Providers or CSPs to make use of the rapid evolution when it comes to open architectures, 5G, Wi-Fi 6, cloud models.

What Do We Know About STL's Plans

With this next-gen portfolio in place, CSPs will be able to gain the ability to scale via reduced CapEx and faster time-to-market. It will also lead to the acceleration of their transition to open and cloud-native platforms as well as dead to the simpler and faster digital renaissance.

This innovation is enabled by STL’s deep telco tribal knowledge in terms of software development capability and mission-critical deployments.

STL’s NSW2.0 portfolio offers support for multi-vendor plug-and-play components via a standardised TM-Forum compliant API suite. This consists of Digital+, API-first, Cloud-Native and Pro-Edge so as to help digital service providers monetise features like 5G, Wi-Fi 6, platform fiction, and seamless Business As Usual.

Saikat Mitra, the COO of Network Software stated that for communication and digital service providers, the company has designed everything stack for Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS) economy with the new STL NSW 2.0 portfolio.

With this portfolio, we are confident that CSPs would be able to leverage the company's enhanced portfolio that is using state-of-the-art technology and architecture. Accelerating 5G monetisation for CSPs requires an evolution of BSS/OSS, and the company and its employees are already 5G ready.

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