5G mmWave 16 Times Faster Than Sub-6 GHz: Ookla

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5G is one of the most hotly demanded technologies to have been released in recent times. It seems everyone wants to get onto the 5G bandwagon, be it companies with 5G devices or users who want better speeds.

In relation to this, it has always been known that 5G is divided into two kinds, mmWave and sub-6 GHz 5G, with the former being faster than the latter. Recently, the reality of 5G has been demonstrated and the difference in speeds between these two are short of extraordinary.

Whilst it has always been known that sub-6 GHz 5G will be the more common of the two kinds since the equipment required is far less when compared to mmWave, we now know that mmWave 5G is much more capable than sub-6 GHz 5G and the difference between the two is substantial, to say the least.

Is mmWave 5G Faster Than sub-6?

Yes, mmWave is indeed faster than sub-6, but, the difference is much more than expected. Qualcomm Technologies on Tuesday announced the real-world tests that demonstrated the 5G speeds on commercial devices using mmWave, which is 16 times faster than 5G operating in sub-6 GHz frequencies.

This test was conducted using Ookla in the United States. For those of you unaware, mmWave 5G makes use of ultra-wide channels in a bid to deliver faster speeds and greater capacity in comparison to lower 4G or 5G bands.

5G mmWave is also pretty important, with the network being crucial in improving the performance and advancing the variety of experiences in various settings. It delivers massive bandwidth regardless of one’s location, be it at school or at work or on the go.

In case you forgot, the past year also saw another test by Qualcomm, showcasing the overall speed of mmWave based 5G, which was seen pushing over 5Gbps as part of a test.

According to Qualcomm, who released this data, their new Snapdragon X65 Modem-RF System will further aid in extending the capabilities of 5G mmWave, for example, hitting peak speeds of 10 Gbps and mmWave and sub-6 GHz aggregation via dual connectivity.

In a further test of mmWave 5G, Qualcomm also mentioned that it would be further showcasing how 5G mmWave delivers state of art user experiences during the Qualcomm 5G Summit, scheduled for May 19-20.

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