Spectra 500 Mbps Broadband Plan Offers 750GB Monthly Data and More

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Spectra is a fast-growing private fiber broadband internet service provider (ISP) that is now offering its services in four cities of India - Gurugram, Bengaluru, Delhi, and Noida. One of the highlights of Spectra is its 1 Gbps broadband offering, which is one of the cheapest in India. But we are not going to focus on the 1 Gbps plan, we will check out the ISPs 500 Mbps plan.

Compared to other operators, Spectra’s 500 Mbps plan is much cheaper. It costs Rs 1,599 per month (exclusive of taxes). In comparison, Jio’s 500 Mbps plan costs Rs 2,499 per month without taxes, which is almost Rs 900 more.

However, there is a huge difference in the benefits of both the plans as well. Let’s take a look at what the 500 Mbps plan from Spectra offers to the users.

Spectra 500 Mbps Plan Benefits

Spectra offers its 500 Mbps plan for Rs 1,599 per month (without taxes). However, the users are tied with only 750GB monthly fair usage policy (FUP) data against Jio’s 3,300GB data. Further, there is a refundable security deposit of Rs 2,000 and a one-time installation charge of Rs 1,000. After adding taxes (Rs 468), the total amount that a user needs to pay for the connection is Rs 5,067.

However, users can also get more data with their 500 Mbps Spectra broadband plan if they choose it for 6 months. With the six months plan, users don’t need to pay any security deposit but they still need to pay Rs 1,000 as an installation charge. The data offered with the plan will be bumped up to 1,500GB per month. With the addition of taxes, the total cost that a user will have to bear for the 500 Mbps plan for 6 months is Rs 12,501.

There is also the option for opting the plan for 12 months. With the 12 months 500 Mbps Spectra broadband plan, users will get unlimited data. The company says that it doesn’t cap the data at any limit for its truly unlimited data plans. Apart from the total cost of the plan and the installation charges, the user doesn’t need to pay anything else. The total cost of the plan if opted for 12 months is Rs 23,822.

Further, there is also an option for users to choose the plan for 3 months. However, the user would still need to pay Rs 2,000 as refundable security deposit and all the other charges such as installation charges. Everything included, it will cost the users Rs 8,840 in total.

Note that even while opting for the monthly plan from Spectra, if you can survive in 750GB monthly data, this 500 Mbps plan is not bad. This is because the installation cost and refundable security are only going to applicable once, at the point of purchase of the plan. Apart from that, the user would only have to pay Rs 1,599 + 18% GST (288) = 1,887 per month. This is still very much cheaper than paying Rs 3,066 per month for JioFiber’s 500 Mbps broadband plan.

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