Spectra to Expand 1 Gbps Broadband Plan Service Across the Country Very Soon

Spectra is one amongst the two broadband service providers in India currently offering gigabit broadband plan, and the only operator to provide the plan under Rs 1,000 (with FUP limit). Today, the company announced its partnership with Finnish gear maker Nokia to expand the gigabit broadband service across the country. Nokia will be using its IP/MPLS routing and GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) fiber solutions to provide uninterrupted broadband service to the customers of Spectra. The Nokia 7210 SAS and 7750 SR will provide Ethernet-based IP/MPLS routing supporting a broadband network gateway (BNG) function for residential subscriber management in the country. Spectra is currently offering 1 Gbps plan in Delhi and Bengaluru.


Spectra also said that it’s aiming to provide broadband networks to key metro markets in India to meet the data-driven demand for services like video streaming. And the Nokia IP/MPLS solution will provide an IP aggregation, Edge and core network based on the 7210 Service Access Switch (SAS) and 7750 Service Router (SR) for the network roll-out in various cities such as Bengaluru, Delhi etc. The Nokia Network Services Platform (NSP) will handle end-to-end service provisioning and network assurance that will ensure high quality while lowering operational costs for Spectra.

Nokia is also providing its 7360 ISAM FX GPON solution to “provide faster broadband speeds to customers and create the network foundation essential for future ultra-broadband services.” In addition, the enhanced fiber network will allow Spectra to address the emerging ultra-broadband needs of its customers and deliver best-in-class services.

For the unaware, Spectra is one of the fastest growing Indian broadband service providers, and its aggressive approach of offering gigabit speeds at an affordable rate will be a threat to other ISPs such as ACT Fibernet and Bharti Airtel. Notably, ACT Fibernet is the first ISP to provide a gigabit connection in Hyderabad, which later on, expanded to Bengaluru as well. ACT Fibernet’s ACT Giga plan costs Rs 5,999 (excluding taxes), while Spectra is charging just Rs 899 (With FUP) for the 1 Gbps gigabit plan. Spectra also confirmed that it would be launching 1 Gbps plan in other cities such as Mumbai very soon.

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March 4, 2018 8:02 pm 8:02 PM

acche din kab aayengae

March 2, 2018 11:26 am 11:26 AM

currently i am paying rs 2000 for 5mbps and rs 3000 for 6mbps from 2 different ISPs. when these will enter my area – 281121.

March 3, 2018 9:45 am 9:45 AM

even bsnl provides 10 mbps for 675+ plans, offering speeds upto 8.6 mbps max on copper lines/

March 4, 2018 8:01 pm 8:01 PM

i also have bsnl fixed line broadband rs1199 and rs249, both gives max speed upto 2 mbps, and i am 2.5 km away from bsnl office. due to our accounting software running only on bsnl we have to keep it. if anybody is more sad than me please comment.

jio lover
March 2, 2018 8:45 pm 8:45 PM

which village u live?

March 2, 2018 7:32 pm 7:32 PM

Seriously? That’s very expensive

March 2, 2018 9:29 am 9:29 AM

They have not enabled this for my location in Bangalore. However, I am in their 100 Mbps line and their service rocks!