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Smartphone’s & Indian TelecomSmart phones are running the mobile market present day every tech savvy user wants to have a Smart phone indeed. User’s interests in the new versions and additional functionalities have made the market a spinning wheel. Also the plethora of handsets all around the globe adds more to Smartphone computing game.

If I talk about India, there has been intense demand of Smart phones in Indian market the recent times, thus influencing Mobile manufactures to come up with new and new phone models. Also steady declines in prices have been noted too within few months from the launching day.

Still everyone here is asking for a smart phone, but the question is: Are Indian Smartphone users really using the full functionality of their handsets? The answer again leads to ambiguity because generally Indian User uses mails, Social networking site, music and some common apps.Thou the intelligence level of Indian users with Gadgetry is known worldwide then where is the lag?? Last week I was having a knowledge sharing session with one of US Telecom market expert on same topic the crux of discussion winded up in the corners of “High APP usage’ by the user’s in America and the way mobile App’s have significant effect on their life.

According to the recent research by Informate Mobile Intelligence, Google, the search engine giant, rules the charts with the highest number of visitors in terms of reach and 4 out of 10 browsed are Google properties. Following Google are Gmail, Ovi, Getjar, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook, Orkut, Yahoomail and Nokia together making the Top 10 browsed websites on smartphones.

An analysis on the Mobile Internet and app usage on Smartphone’s, Google received a whopping 78.2% traffic, Gmail a 46.3% and Yahoo received a 32.4%, whereas Yahoo Mail a 23.9% ,Youtube got a 29.3% while social networking site Facebook received a 28.6% and Orkut a 25.4%. The app store Ovi received a 40.1% and Getjar a 39.2% and handset maker Nokia received a 23.3%

With millions of Applications in the App store users are privileged with things one can simply think off. Ok if we take a simple example recently an app named as “Shopkick” was launched for iphone, synchronized with shopping centers the app is based on LBS platform and is now fine-tuning the LBS model as it rewards users for just walking into the store.

Thus giving a win-win situation for consumers and retailers because it is driving more foot traffic and enables consumers to get rewards for visiting stores which can be redeemed later on. There are multiple “beacons” in the store which broadcast a digital signal which is picked up by the phone’s mic and automatically points are added in his phone app.

See the scenario even if u are going to store with your friend then also you will be rewarded or you are in that market for some other purpose it will take you 2 minutes for just stepping in and getting some Virtual currency. This app has changed the whole shopping experience of users & steadily increased traffic in the stores supporting this app, becoming a big hit within weeks of launch soon the app version will be coming on Android, Blackberry and other major platforms too.

When can we in India imagine such a situation that we did our summer sale shopping and also accompanied few of our friends and within weeks we were having virtual currency to buy a Nike T-shirt for free, think about it.

To be continued ...more on smartphones and app’s

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