Selected Vodafone RED plan customers get double data offer: Source

Vodafone India seems to be offering exclusive deals for selected Vodafone RED customers.  A Telecom Talk reader Dr. Vrijilesh Rai has emailed us the offer he received. Named “Red Delights Offer”, the offer provides extra 1GB data for every month with RED 499 plan at no extra cost.


“For special customers like you, we are offering 2 times more data on Vodafone RED 499 postpaid plan; thus making it best suited for your data and calling needs,” the promotional offer e-mail mentioned.

Besides the double data, the customer is also entitled to receive a free subscription to the movies, TV channels, and music on Vodafone Play for the first three months of the subscription. The other benefits of Vodafone RED 499 – 700 free local and STD minutes talk time, free outgoing and incoming at standard rates and 500 local and national SMS are also available.

Recently, Vodafone started offering unlimited roaming, voice calls, and 8GB data on Rs. 1999 RED plan. A variant of this plan is also available at Rs. 1,699 offering free roaming (incoming calls only), unlimited voice calling and 6 GB data.

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Besides the RED 499 plan, there are RED 699, RED 999, RED 1299, RED 1699, and RED 1999 plans. For RED 699, the customers get free local and STD calls of 1000 minutes, 2GB internet, free national roaming at standard rates, and 500 local and national SMS. Under RED 999, the subscribers can avail 2000 Local and STD minutes free talk time, 3GB data, free national roaming at standard rates, and 500 local and national SMS. At RED 1299, there are 3000 local and STD minutes free talk time, 4GB internet, free national roaming at 50p, and 500 local and national SMS. The benefits of RED 1699 and RED 1999 are mentioned above.

If any Vodafone RED customers are getting exclusive offers on other RED plans, please notify in the comment section.

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November 8, 2016 6:06 am 6:06 AM

But Vodafone is not able to launch 4G i Maharashtra circle. Don’t know how many months or years it will take. Pls give some information about 4G in Maharashtra.

November 1, 2016 9:48 am 9:48 AM
Useless & hopeless Vodafone….. Instead of doing these type of gimmicks to cheat the people of the country, they have to solve regulatory issues first… Their interconnect problems with Jio is such an atrocious, deliberate, non-competitive, anti-regulatory stand… Call from Jio connects to Vodafone only after 4-5 attempts even today… @Vodafone, first correct your basic issue to keep your license intact…. This is just an open & shut case for GoI (DoT) and TRAI. Any other Govt in any other part of the world already have cancelled the licenses of Airtel,Idea & Vodafone. I really don’t understand why this “Kumbakarana”… Read more »
October 30, 2016 7:28 pm 7:28 PM
1000 minutes all calls/ 4-5 gb 3g data for rs.499 will be too good offer for middle class customers. they can further sweeten the deal with once the limit is reached, customers can add on pack of rs.100 containing 1 gb data with 300 minutes extra calls. this offer will bring down revenue from high usage customers but will increase average revenue per user, will also increase the postpaid segment significantly. also no. of customers opting for 500+ will double.. iam already on 499 plan with free local calls and 1.5gb data, which i feel too low. not received any… Read more »
October 31, 2016 6:24 am 6:24 AM

Do not expect jio like benefits from avoid.