Satellite Internet, Do You Need it? Everything to Know!

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Connectivity through the internet isn’t an ‘option’ anymore. It is essential for everyone looking to do the most basic of things such as paying electricity bills, booking travel, ordering groceries, food, texting colleagues and people you love, and more. But for that, a reliable internet connection is of utmost importance. There are multiple ways of getting an internet connection. One such way is through satellite internet. Satellite internet can help you go online at any time and from any place you want. Keep reading ahead to find out more about it.

What is Satellite Internet?

In simple words, satellite internet means that the internet service provider (ISP) is sending the data signals to the satellite present in space which then bounces back to a dish in your house or any other receptor. Traditionally, the internet is provided with the help of cables. But with satellite internet, the need for cables is removed. You can always rely on the satellite internet to keep you online. But it isn’t all good; there is some good to it and some bad as well. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of satellite internet for determining, which people need it.

Pros of Satellite Internet

One of the biggest pros of satellite internet is that it is available everywhere. Cable internet connections aren’t portable. But since satellite internet doesn’t depend on cables, wherever the receptors of the signals are, there will be satellite internet present.

Speed of satellite internet has grown very much in the last few years. As per a report, some satellite internet providers have already started offering 25 Mbps download speed to the users.

Another thing that is good about a satellite internet connection is that in the case of natural disasters, the service providers can get it back online in a jiffy. It is not the same with cable internet connections because, during natural calamities, internet cables can get severely damaged.

Cons of Satellite Internet

While there is a lot of good about the satellite internet, there is also some bad. People who want a high-speed internet connection, satellite internet can be a little disappointing for them. Adding to this, the caps or fair usage policy (FUP) limits on data are very rigid.

The next thing that is not so good about satellite internet is its cost. Even though it provides lesser speeds than the cable internet, it is more expensive in most of the cases. Also, there is high latency on the internet connection, so only the most basic things can be done through it. Online gaming and 4K streaming is still a distant dream when it comes to satellite internet.

One of the biggest cons of the satellite internet is that it doesn’t support Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

So Who Really Needs Satellite Internet?

It is people living in rural areas which require satellite internet the most. In urban areas, people have the option to go with a wired internet connection as it is super fast, but it is not the same with people living in rural areas.

Since being connected to the world through internet is very important, people living in rural areas can benefit from satellite internet as it will be there in service for them every hour of the day, week, and year.

Also, people in military camped in hilly regions where the cables can’t be installed; satellite internet is an excellent choice.

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