Satellite Broadband Might Be Useless for You

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Satellite Broadband

The era of digital connectivity will be boosted by the arrival of satellite broadband. India might see live commercial services from satcom companies starting 2022. Companies such as Starlink, OneWeb, and Amazon’s Project Juniper are all eyeing the Indian market’s deep numbers to make a ton of money by providing quality broadband internet connections.

While the arrival of satellite broadband technology excites people, it is worth noting that it might not be for everyone. It is very simple to understand. Every technology is built around specific use-cases and then leveraged to make money from that. It is the same case with satellite broadband.

Satellite Broadband Is Not For Regular People

Understand that satellite broadband has specific use cases that are largely not meant for regular people. From regular people, I mean people who have basic internet needs living in urban cities and working in offices or their homes.

All the urban cities in India today have a decent 4G network coverage. The networks might not be very fast and might be congested, but at the end of the day, you still have internet connectivity through which you can do the most basic things.

Then, if you are at your office or home, you can utilise the power of a fixed-line fiber broadband connection. It can provide you with speeds of up to 1 Gbps. So the question arises, what will satellite broadband actually solve for you?

The answer is if you have an enterprise and have offices located in remote regions of the country, or you are travelling to a place where there is no good internet connectivity, you can purchase a satellite broadband connection.

Purchasing a satellite broadband connection living within urban cities just makes no sense because the arrival of 5G will ensure good and strong connectivity in the coming time anyway. Further, the biggest reason why someone would avoid satellite broadband connection is the pocket heavy plans it comes with.

Satellite broadband companies are expected to offer very expensive internet plans that might not make sense for you if you are living in cities where there is strong mobile network coverage, and you also have the facility of fiber broadband connection.

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