IDC says iBall overtook Samsung as largest tablet brand in India, Samsung says it still leads

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Yesterday, International Data Corporation (IDC) released a report stating that iBall, an Indian tablet manufacturer, has overtaken South Korean giant Samsung in the Indian tablet market with a market share with 15.6 percent, followed by Samsung with 12.9 percent, and DataWind with 9.6 percent.


Today, Samsung has refuted IDC's claim that iBall had overtaken Samsung to top the Indian tablet market. It claims that the company is still a leader in the market.

Samsung, responded to BGR India, stating:

Samsung continues to be a clear leader in the Indian Tablet market. The company drives the Tablet market in India and we foresee our sales to continue to grow robustly in 2015. At Samsung, we strive to innovate and create new products and experiences through our R&D, software and application solutions focused around the needs of the Indian consumers.

While Samsung claims that it's the clear leader in the Indian tablet market, it does not state the amount of tablets it shipped in the last quarter of 2014 or the market share it holds according to them.

That said, this is not the first time the company had to clarify that they are the market leader. Previously, Canalys reported that Micromax had overtaken Samsung to become the largest smartphone vendor in India. Then, Samsung had quoted a report from another research agency that it still maintains its lead in the smartphone market in the country.


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