Samsung India dismisses Canalys report, claims its market domination

By February 6th, 2015 AT 6:25 PM

Recently, Canalys released a report on the Indian smartphone market, which claimed that Micromax had surpassed Samsung as the largest smartphone maker in India. Interestingly, Samsung India has released a statement dismissing the report.

Samsung India asserts that it is still the biggest smartphone maker in the country. To prove its counter attack, the company quotes a report from the research firm GfK, which states that Samsung’s volume market share stood at 34.3 percent in the last quarter of 2014. Its value market share, on the contrary, was 35.8 percent. The report also claimed that Samsung’s market share was 35.7 percent in the year 2014, and its value market share stood at 40.2 percent.


As if the numbers were not enough to prove its position, Samsung India went extra mile and boasted, that its volume market share is “more than double” and the value market share is “more than four times” than the Micromax.

The claims made by Samsung bear stark contradiction from the Canalys report. The report by Canalys stated that Micromax commanded 22 percent of market share compared to Samsung’s 20 percent.

Asim Warsi, Vice President, Marketing, Mobile business, Samsung India said,”In the entire year 2014, we continued to lead the market with innovative and exciting offerings,”. “Our volume market share in the smartphone market in the year was 35.7%, which is more than double than that of the next player, while our value share was 40.2%, which is more than four times the next player. The GfK data is based on actual retail sales in 50,000-plus population cities.”

Last year too, a research report was issued, which stated that Micromax had acquired more market share than Samsung in terms of mobile phone shipments in India. Samsung rubbished that report too in the same way as it did to the Canalys report.

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Md Khalifa
Md Khalifa

I was distributor of Samsung and the ground reality is Samsung’s sales in last 6 months has fallen drastically everywhere and people like me are surrendering as their distributors. I also did the same and shifted to another work. The dark for Samsung in India started a year ago. I can’t tell whole truth here but reality is Samsung is going Nokia way in India now with other brands quickly gripping. 😛 Whether they accept or deny, it is on them but truth is what Canalys analyzed.


Samsung has lost its market share among college friends also, even I have been personally looking at the trend my friends are more happy with Asus, Micromax etc such small time phone.

Samsung is no more a personal favourite among college goers anymore.


*Samsung isn’t wrong these local firms post unbelievable numbers and many websites just post them blindly without doing any actual analysis whether such data is genuine or not.

*I had made a similar claim in the past also on this post

*While one can argue that these are press releases and hence need to reported without alteration but any experienced author who spends some time analyzing the data would quickly understand its all fake.

Note :- I don’t point to TT alone. Many international websites like pocket now and Android Authority have done the same in the past.


Yes you are 100 % right. TT should not copy paste articles from other places. They should do some research or have some full time authors.


How much did Samsung Pay you to comment like this?

P.S : Proud Micromax user.


*Yes madam since high quality journalism is hardly appreciated in India,guys like me need to write down sponsored comments to earn a living.

P.S :- Next time read my work completely before making any allegation.


Have you even read his analysis at the link he mentioned in the comment. Looking at your comment my guess is NO. If you are one of those punks who like reading a 2-3 para article that uses cheesy words and reflects the general opinion rather than doing any actual analysis then you are more than welcome to ignore his comment. People like you are just lazy to read the entire stuff and blabber shit.
Well said bro most people over here make blind comments. Forget about personal research these guys don’t even read the comment they reply too.


WOW its so easy for girls like you to call him a paid commenter without even thinking for a moment the amount of work he does for his comments and its all for free. TT like most normal blogs doesn’t pay him a single penny rather they might earn more given the traffic commenters like him generate.
Before calling his work paid can I ask what content contribution have u made to TT. Zero I guess.

vishal Singh
vishal Singh

Okay, so Mr. Rama you think that all the international blogs are bloody goofs that they covered this story. Here, you’re pointing out that Ms. Ali is not reporting the truth. Nowhere in the article, she has shown any bias behavior towards Samsung. Talking about Journalism, As i just read her bio, she has done her post graduation from the top media institute i.e. IIMC. I guess she knows what reporting is and i have been reading her articles since a long time now and she has come a long way. No offense to you sir, but don’t criticize someone… Read more »


*First of all I really did not criticize her. My criticism was rather towards firms like Canalys and GFK for reporting wrong data. *I am way past the days of criticizing TT authors. TT is not my source for tech news. I don’t even read tech articles on TT rather just have a look at the heading and make ny comment. *TT is my source for telecom news only. *The reason I support Samsung is because in the past I have also noticed great variation in numbers reported by Canalys/GFK compared to IDC. * I can’t really help it if… Read more »

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