Samsung confirms “upgraded” 6GB RAM/128GB storage variant of Galaxy Note 7

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Before the official launch of Galaxy Note 7, many rumours tipped that it might feature 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. But the talks came to halt after Samsung ultimately unveiled the Note 7 with just 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage. Now as per the latest reports, it is confirmed that Samsung is bringing out an upgraded variant with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Sadly, this upgraded variant will initially be limited to China. The reason behind its launch was detailed by Samsung Mobile President Koh Dong-jin. He said that the reason behind launching it in China is because the local manufacturers in China are offering devices with similar specs. The company wants to compete with them, and that is why it is bringing out the upgraded variant for China.

“We will accept diverse opinions from various regions and also consider whether that move will disappoint Korean consumers,” Koh said in a statement.

Samsung is planning to survey markets and based on the accumulated data; it will decide whether to bring the variant to that region or not. For the task, Samsung will be taking help from local vendors. After all, the demand for the regular variant of the Note 7 is "outstanding". Due to massive demand, Samsung is facing issues in producing sufficient units. The company has already delayed the launch of the Note 7 in Malaysia because of the shortage in supply.

It would be interesting to see if Samsung brings the upgraded variant of the Note 7 to India. What's your take on the bulked up Note 7 variant? Would you like to spend moolahs on it? Share your views through the comment section below.

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