Samsung Achieves 8.5Gbps 5G Speeds in Lab Tests

Samsung Electronics is currently working with the US, South Korea and Japan in the commercial development of 5G mmWave Spectrum

By April 17th, 2020 AT 2:57 PM
  • Samsung 5G Lab Tests Achieved Speed of 8.5Gbps
  • The lab test was conducted in closed proximity
  • Samsung Electronics will open the door of multiple opportunities In 5G developments

Samsung conducted 5G lab tests and achieved a maximum speed of 8.5Gbps. The company powered the test on Samsung’s 5G mmWave Access unit and combined 800MHz of spectrum bandwidth in the mmWave Band and MU-MIMO. Samsung claims that using the combined technology, it achieved a downstream rate of 4.3Gbps speed on both the devices. Not only this, but the company also claims that the 5G demo tests were done combining eight different spectrum bands and it is the industry’s fastest 5G speeds in lab tests. However, no in-depth details have been revealed by the company regarding the lab tests. Also, as per officials, lab tests were performed in close proximity.

Samsung’s Achievement Will be Promising for Future Developments

Samsung has opened the door for multiple avenues in the 5G developments. Telecom operators who will provide 5G services will be able to offer transformational services to subscribers. It is expected that telecom users will witness exceptionally speed, which will allow them to Stream videos in 8K resolution, which shows smooth and high-quality images and videos. Not only this, but the achievement will also open the doors or AR Remote learning, VR teleconferencing and many more.

5G mmWave Will Attract More Nations

Samsung Electronics has been supporting the development of 5G services in various nations. Currently, developed nations like the US, South Korea and Japan have already deployed 5G mmWave Spectrum. Hyunho Park, who is the vice president of Network Business at Samsung Electronics, noted that the current 5G lab results achieved by the company is promising. The further shaping and implementation of the spectrum will open new opportunities for business operations.

Not only this, but the technology will also soon attract more nations. It is expected that more than 15 countries will join the 5G mmWave Spectrum. Major Nations like the US and South Korea are already working the 5G Spectrum, and commercial services and developments are being carried out in the region by Samsung Electronics. With the development, Samsung Electronics is creating a vibrant 5G mmWave Spectrum belt around the world to revolutionise Internet speed and open dynamic opportunities for telecom operators.

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