Rogers Introduces 5G and Enhanced Network for Toronto’s TTC Subway

Rogers launches 5G service on the TTC’s Downtown U, also enhances cellular connectivity in Toronto's TTC subway, offering 5G coverage and improved 911 access for riders.


  • Improved 911 access and expanded coverage for better commuter safety.
  • Coverage areas include Line 1, Line 2, and key stations across Toronto.
  • Investment of hundreds of millions to expand 5G and emergency access.

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Rogers Introduces 5G and Enhanced Network for Toronto's TTC Subway
Canadian operator Rogers Communications has announced boosting cellular connectivity within the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) subway system. In an official announcement on Wednesday, Rogers revealed that its customers can now enjoy the benefits of 5G coverage while traversing the busiest tunnels and stations of Toronto's subway network.

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Rogers 5G service on the TTC's Downtown U

Rogers also announced that it has upgraded the cellular network, providing all riders with more reliable access to 911 services throughout these vital transit corridors. Rogers stated that this effort is part of its phased network upgrade and expansion initiative.

Effective immediately, Rogers said customers can connect to the Rogers 5G network within the TTC subway in selected areas. These include the entirety of Line 1, including the Downtown U segment, as well as Spadina and Dupont stations. Additionally, on Line 2, commuters can access 5G at thirteen stations from Keele to Castle Frank. Moreover, the underground tunnels linking St. George and Yonge stations have also been integrated into the 5G coverage network.

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Reliable 911 Services

Rogers expressed the company's commitment to elevating the transit experience for Toronto's commuters. "That's why Rogers stepped up to do what's right for Toronto transit riders. We're working hard to modernize and expand the network so all riders can reliably access 911 and connect to 5G everywhere across the subway system, including underground. Today is an important milestone, and we’re just getting started."

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Rogers acquisition of BAI Canada

As reported by TelecomTalk, after recently acquiring BAI Canada, Rogers has been collaborating with TTC to enhance the outdated cellular infrastructure in Toronto to support all wireless operators while still servicing Freedom Mobile users. Rogers said it is upgrading the wireless network with fibre, new radio equipment, and additional spectrum bands to provide 5G connectivity and enhance the quality of the 3G/4G network.

Toronto Transit Commission emphasized the continued importance of the Yellow Emergency Strip in case of emergencies within the subway system, in addition to the newfound connectivity benefits.

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Infrastructure Investments

According to Rogers, the telco is investing hundreds of millions of dollars to implement 5G connectivity and 911 access throughout all 75 subway stations and nearly 80 kilometres of track. Currently, TTC riders can call 911 only in areas where the cellular network is available, such as on station platforms, concourses, and approximately 25 percent of the tunnels.

The previous network was unable to handle the text, voice, and data traffic from major carriers. This new investment will allow all mobile providers to access 911 services throughout the subway system.

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