Reliance Jio Users Ready to Pay to Use the Services Reveals a New Report

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Reliance Jio, the high-flying telecom network of the country will become paid after March 31 under the JioPrime subscription scheme. Everyone are expecting that Jio would start losing their consumers from April 1, 2017, as customers feel that the service still needs improvements in certain areas. Recently, we published a report stating that the residents of Delhi claimed that they wouldn't be using Jio anymore after April 1 as other operators in India offer better than Jio.


However, a new survey conducted by a brokerage firm, Bernstein says that over 63 percent of the users from 1000 members stated that they would be making Jio as their primary number. The report says that "We expected many people would appreciate the 'free' Jio offer but be critical regarding voice quality - with many likely to move back to their primary operator once they were forced to pay. What we see is the opposite."

Aforesaid, the report has been conducted by taking 1,000 high-value users across India. "Despite 67% of users classifying their existing Jio SIM as 'secondary,' a full 63% of these users said they plan to make Jio their new primary operator and a further 28% stated that they would continue to use Jio as a second SIM. Only 2% of existing Jio users reported that they would give up their SIM." claims the Wall Street Research Firm.

Also, the survey revealed that the users of Airtel are the least ones who opted to make Jio as their primary SIM card, whereas the users of Vodafone India are highly willing to make Jio as their main number, which is followed by the subscribers of Idea Cellular. "It appears that the willingness of a Jio customer to make Jio its primary operator does differ by operator. Vodafone users had the highest rate (67%) closely followed by Idea (65%). Bharti appears less impacted with only 48% likely to convert to a primary relationship with Jio," states the report. 

Furthermore, the firm has conducted the survey in ten different attributes as shown in the image above. As you can see in the image above, Jio leads the market in six of the ten aspects, including the top three: network data speed, value for money, and network data coverage, which customers considered as the most important thing in selecting a telecom operator.

"Jio's recommendation ratio increases as we move from the Metros (45%) to the A, B, and C-circles (67%). We can only assume that Jio's investment in some of these areas has been well ahead of the others." further cites the report.

This news will become a boosting one for Jio as the new entrant is under pressure due to claims by India's top telecom analysts saying that Jio will start losing consumers after becoming paid.

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