Reliance Jio Grabs Attention With Intelligent Home, Digital Society and More Demonstrations at IMC 2019

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Reliance Jio has made some prominent demonstrations and showcased some major use cases for the 5G technology and brought together some public safety use cases for the 4G LTE network as well at the Indian Mobile Congress. Along with this, Reliance Jio also showcased other use cases at the grand event which included virtual classrooms based on 5G network and FHD content streaming as well. However, that is not it. Reliance Jio showcased more technologies on the second day of the Indian Mobile Congress 2019 event. At IMC 2019 Jio showcased its Open Programmable Converged Services under broad categories that included 5G Ultra; Intelligent Home; Digital Society; Agile Small Business and Kirana; SG-LAN. In this showcasing, Jio showcased use cases of 5G Ultra Broadband’s capabilities to create Unparalleled Entertainment, Education Everywhere, Public Safety, Interactive Surgery and Immersive gaming


5G Use Cases of Public Safety, FHD Streaming and Virtual Classroom

There are two use cases which the public already knows about and first in it is FHD streaming. The intent of this use case is to show case to the public that 5G can enable multiple users to seamlessly enjoy entertainment videos of high quality with the enormous capacity, which is entirely different from 4G. Besides this, through the virtual classroom use case Jio showcases to the public that 5G technology can create the equality of opportunity in education for everyone, beyond temporal and spatial constraints. Also, the objective through the public safety use case was to show that public safety based on 3GPP standards goes beyond what was possible through legacy technology in which it was limited to providing voice-oriented communications.

Interactive Surgery Simulation

However, as we mentioned above, this is not the end of the use cases for Reliance Jio when it comes to 5G technology. Reliance Jio has also presented the use case of interactive surgery simulation. Reliance Jio has presented this use case with a unique approach combining Nokia Products & e2e Solution for enabling demonstration of surgical simulations on VR environment. The telco also noted that the value for the specialised medical needs can be achieved through URLLC demonstration by simulating signals for Surgical use. With this, the telco noted that the end consumer will learn new perspectives on surgical anatomy and repeatedly practice surgical procedures until they are perfect before performing surgery on patients. Explaining the objective of this use case, Jio noted that the surgical simulation is aimed at Building & enhancing expertise in the field of medical Surgery. Simultaneous Experience by multiple users from remote locations optimises ensures efficient use of Time & Money. It also finds application in Skill Development of medical fraternity staff.

Low Latency Gaming Use Case

Jio has setup a low-latency gaming use case at IMC 2019 as well. Under this use case, Reliance Jio is demonstrating Virtual Game of TT (Table Tennis) over 5G network, Players playing the game are connected over live 5G NR network. Players in remote locations can play together over 5G and challenge their partners in a virtual environment. For this, Reliance Jio has noted that 5G can help to integrate the gaming verticals with the Telecom vertical and offer the games to end user with better quality/ latency and affordability.

Digital Society and Intelligent Home

Reliance Jio has also put forth the Intelligent Home and Digital Society use case as well. In the Intelligent Home Use Case, the visitors were presented with an experience of Secure Giga Connectivity, Unlimited Entertainment, Redefined fixed line communication, and Internet of Things within a Smart Home. This also included Smart home through Voice Assistant Based Controls, Security & Surveillance, Ambience & Comfort Control. In the Digital Society section visitors experienced use cases of AI centric Security & Surveillance using smart cameras and automatic car entry at society gates; Managed society Wi-Fi and communication; Smart Building solutions using IoT.

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