Reliance Jio Subscribers Will Have to Choose Between All in One Recharges and Standard Ones, Here is Some Help

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The Mukesh Ambani led telecom operator, Reliance Jio, has had smooth sailing in the industry ever since its entry in the sector back in 2016. However, the ride got a little bumpy for the telecom operator when it hit the issue of the Interconnect Usage Charges (IUC) this year. The telecom operator realised that it was paying the net IUC to other telecom operators and spending Rs 3,500 crore annually on this paying other networks to carry out its calls just because the network symmetry was out of line and most calls were being made from Reliance Jio. After dragging the matter in the industry, Reliance Jio ended up bringing the IUC charge to the customers as well, meaning that the subscribers would now have to pay the IUC. On thee lines, the telco has also introduced all-in-one plans which ship the benefit to the consumers, just like the name suggests. Here is how you can choose between the two kinds of prepaid plans.


Rs 222 All-in-One Reliance Jio Prepaid Plan

So, the first all-in-one prepaid plan from Reliance Jio is the Rs 222 prepaid plan and it comes with 28 days validity. In this period, the customers would be able to enjoy 56GB or 2GB data per day. Along with this, the subscribers would also be able to enjoy Jio to Jio unlimited calls, which is something the operator has been long providing to the subscribers, but with this, it will also offer 1,000 non-Jio calling minutes. The telco will also offer a subscription to its apps as well, which has been a long-existing benefit with its prepaid plan. It is worth noting that there is a separate prepaid plan from Reliance Jio which costs Rs 198 and it offers the same benefit to the subscribers of 2GB data per day except the IUC minutes. For that, the subscribers would have to get the additional IUC minutes, which come out to be Rs 100 for 1368 minutes, meaning that the total value of the prepaid plan goes up to Rs 298.

How All-in-One Prepaid Plans are Better?

Similar is the case with the next all-in-one plan as well and that is the Rs 333 prepaid plan. The benefit under this plan remains almost the same with 2GB data per day, but the validity of this plan is more as compared to the Rs 222 prepaid plan. This plan offers 56 days validity and the benefits of the plan include 2GB data, or 112GB total data, unlimited Jio to Jio calling, 1,000 non-Jio FUP calling minutes, subscription to Jio apps in addition to 100 SMS per day. For subscribers, wanting to have a long term solution, there is also the Rs 444 and Rs 555 all-in-one pack which means that subscribers can choose to enjoy these benefits for 84 days. While the validity of these two plans doesn’t differ, the difference is in the number of non-Jio IUC minutes offered.

The Rs 444 all-in-one plan offers 1,000 non-Jio IUC calling minutes, whereas, Rs 555 all-in-one prepaid plan offers 3,000 non-Jio IUC calling minutes. It is also crucial to note that at the same time, Reliance Jio has got the Rs 448 prepaid plan, where it is offering 84 days validity, and 2GB data per day but the IUC calling has to be bought separately. This means that the all-in-one prepaid plan is a much better deal as subscribers enjoy 2GB data for the validity of 84 days and they even get free IUC minutes bundled too. For this reason, the subscribers looking to have plans with IUC should opt for the all-in-one prepaid plans from Reliance Jio instead of the separately selling IUC plans.

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