Reliance Jio 2nd Year Anniversary: What Has Changed in the Meantime

Reliance Jio made its entry into India two years ago and shook the telecom industry by its methodologies. It was not only about the extremely low pricing, free data, or free calling that Jio was able to become this popular, the network speeds and the achievement of first VoLTE network in India were also the highlights which contributed to Jio’s meteoric rise. In the last two years, Jio has accomplished a lot by introducing new plans, services, offers and even started a postpaid segment. This year, Jio has also stepped into the broadband segment and the smart home sector. With so many achievements on Reliance Jio’s turf, in only two years, we would like to shed light on the top ten of them.


World’s largest all IP Network

Reliance Jio was the first telecom operator in the country to deploy an all IP network, with LTE spectrum across 800MHz, 1800MHz and 2300MHz bands, and the largest fibre footprint. The telco also became the one with the broadest LTE coverage in India compared to any other carrier. With such growth rate, Jio plans to have 99% of the Indian population under its subscriber base. Also, Reliance Jio’s 4G network revolution helped India in expanding its network beyond the total network of 2G, which was set up by other operators in the last 25 years.

Free Voice Calling

Again, Reliance Jio was the first operator in the country which started offering free voice calling bundled with its plans in India. Before Jio’s time, most subscribers were dependent on talk time-based plans and bundled offerings were mostly unheard of, however, things have now become opposite as Reliance Jio started offering free local, STD or roaming calls in all of its plans.

Mobile Data Consumption

Undoubtedly because of the high speed and cheap data which Reliance Jio shipped to its users, the mobile data consumption in India has gone up from 20 crore GB per month to nearly 370 crore GB per month. Jio customers alone are consuming almost 240 crore GB of that data. After Reliance Jio’s commencement of operations in the country, India went up from 155th in broadband penetration to 1st in the world in terms of mobile data consumption. Jio also gained the title of becoming the world’s 1st and only Exabyte Telecom network with data transmitted over Jio’s network surpassing 100 crores GB per month.

Fastest Subscriber Ramp up in the World

Reliance Jio set the record on a global level by averaging a rate of 7 customers per second for 170 days straight with the total base reaching 100 million. As of June 2018, Jio boasts of 215 million customers.

Acing Trai Speed Test

Reliance Jio has also topped the charts according to the Indian telecom regulator as the Mukesh Ambani led telco has consistently performed better than the other carriers in the areas of 4G network coverage, usage and data speeds month after month.

Tariff Simplifications

Before Jio’s time, there used to be 22,000 plans on the shelves from which people had to choose from. However, after Reliance Jio introduced its bundled and combo offerings, all the telcos have rushed to adopt the same models, and now the number of plans being offered by telcos has gone down significantly. Now users can make an informed choice because of the low number of plans.

Hand in Hand Growth of Digital Ecosystem

The digital ecosystem consisting of social media sites like Facebook, YouTube etc. has thrived extensively after Reliance Jio started operations. After the rise in the number of subscribers and data users, India has become a prime market for Google and Facebook with an estimated 70 million additions in the first year of Jio’s commencement of operations.

Changing Device Ecosystem

Reliance Jio also introduced its smartphone sub-brand LYF in India which propelled the other smartphone makers to ship LTE enabled devices in the market thus marking a turning point in the industry. Reliance Jio also introduced JioFi, a mobile hotspot device through which 2G/3G phone users were also able to reap benefits for 4G, which was again a one of its kind product.


With the introduction of its extremely affordable 4G device, JioPhone, Jio was able to add a large chunk of new customers to its subscriber base and also functioned as a catalyst in increasing the 4G penetration and internet penetration in the country. As of June 30, Reliance Jio boasted of an impressive 25 million JioPhone users.

Focus on Digital Content

In the last two years, Reliance Jio has also availed a lot of content to its subscribers and has gone on to acquire Saavn and also partnered up with ALT Balaji and Eros to bring the best content onboard its applications. Jio will also be delving in the digital education segment, as Jio’s parent company has acquired a majority stake in Embibe, the unique data-driven education services platform catering to Engineering, Medical, Banking and Class 8-10 (Foundation) exams.

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yes….always check qualcom soc spec sheet for features. everything related to soc can be added,.whats not possible is Quick charge bcz it need extra layer of protection. if it is software blocked then it can be activated. wrt radion modem all band can be activated if antenna specs match the different transmission powers needed. what stop oems is royalities/stability issues/laziness/to recycle products faster forcing user to upgrade bcz of a feature. all know how oems killed non volte phone every hardware is supported.


jio network,. its good that jio exist wrt plans and data more users online, bcz of jio low cost plans Tseries will be in top soon, but Qos sucks. its network is always at like150% usage, atleast after is in spectrum crunch. especially band 5.

Nikhil Mumbai-Pune
Nikhil Mumbai-Pune

What about band 3?

Nikhil Mumbai-Pune
Nikhil Mumbai-Pune

They need band 3 and band 40 spectrum as well. Maybe band 41 as well.

Kiran Fernandes | Goa
Kiran Fernandes | Goa

They need to increase capacity on each band. The only way that works is by using massive MIMO. Band 41 will get choked on Vodafone Idea in no time. Even if Jio takes band 41 and adds it to small cells next to band 40, that’s gonna get choked too. Spectrum is finite and costly. Adding MIMO doubles, triples, and quadruples the bandwidth using existing spectrum. They also need to add 256QAM too. Currently they’re on 64QAM for download and 16QAM for uploads.

Nikhil Mumbai-Pune
Nikhil Mumbai-Pune

How band 41 spectrum will get choked in no time? I don’t see that’s happening in three to four years. If Avoid use their spectrum completely for 4G,I don’t see any speeds issues on any service provider. This will make sector profitable as well,but will avoid do it,that’s the question. Idea has said post merger they would utilize 70% of their spectrum for 4G and 30% for 2G which will be converted to 4G by 2020 when Idea VoLTE stregthens. Let’s see what happens. MIMO is out of the box for India right now. Avoid b should look for shutting… Read more »

Kiran Fernandes | Goa
Kiran Fernandes | Goa

If you see, there are plenty of places where band 40 is choked, in the heart of Mumbai, in Delhi, in most railway stations etc. Similary, band 41 will get choked if they add it to small cells in places where there’s a large crowd. Vodafone had tried 4×4 MIMO on band 3 in some places, and it works really well. Airtel has added 4×4 MIMO on band 3 in Delhi, and there are constant speeds of 15 to 30Mbps. The only reason Idea said that is because of the IUC. It’ll be zero by 2020, so all operators have… Read more »

Nikhil Mumbai-Pune
Nikhil Mumbai-Pune

Avoid has decent band 1 and band 3 spectrum. They should try to use that for advantage purpose. VOID should deploy 20Mhz of band 41 where they are strong. It will make them free up 3G and refarm it on 4G. Speeds will improve on both VoID and Jio as people will shift to VoID. There things will surely work in favour of consumers. Same goes with Airtel if they improve their customer care and business ethics. Airtel network is mostly unused in my opinion. People are not using just only because of business ethics that Airtel follows. Airtel has… Read more »

Nikhil Mumbai-Pune
Nikhil Mumbai-Pune

Jio is choked just because all are getting 4G on Jio. And that’s why everybody is using Jio. That’s not the case with avoid. It switches to 3G and 2G which hampers the experience.

Nikhil Mumbai-Pune
Nikhil Mumbai-Pune

I don’t see Band 41 getting choked in two years of time. If implemented properly,it will give Vodafone Idea good postpaid customers in short term and large amount of revenue.

Nikhil Mumbai-Pune
Nikhil Mumbai-Pune

I don’t see Jio getting choked if Jio buys 20Mhz in band 40,10Mhz in band 41,10Mhz in band 3,10Mhz in band 1 PAN India.I am talking all this without MIMO.

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