Reliance BroadBand Faces Permission Issues From BMC; Broadband Down Since July?

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Reliance Broadband, in some parts of Mumbai (Lokhandwala in Andheri West), is facing permission issues with Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), which has left its subscribers with no Internet connectivity SINCE JULY.

The most outrageous thing about the entire situation is that the company failed to inform its users about the issue and neither did it give a timeline when the issue will be resolved. Personally, I faced similar issues couple of years ago with Dvois Broadband Pvt Ltd. The outage lasted for more than a month and the company just refused to inform me when it would be fixed or what the issue was all about.

Now this is an important issue – there’s a basic courtesy we expect from companies when we buy / subscribe to their services. It is not that we are getting these services for free, we pay for it. Even in Airline Industry whenever there’s a slight delay in flight timing, you’re informed about it. If there’s a cancellation, you are informed about it via SMS or email. Why  can’t ISPs follow it too? We don’t expect ISPs to be precise about the timeline when their service would be up but at least we would know that the service is down in the entire locality and the reason for the outage. Ambiguity  in these matters will only lead of angry customer care calls.

Having said that, if Reliance Broadband is facing permission issues now we wonder how they placed these optical fibres in first place. We are trying to get more information on this matter. Are you facing similar issues from Reliance Broadband? Do let us know your location and since when the issue started.

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