Reliance and Airtel announce their new roaming tariff rates, 40% reduction on incoming calls

Reliance Communications and Airtel have announced their new roaming tariff rates in accordance with the new TRAI guidelines. These charges will be effective from 1st May, 2015.

For Reliance, the customers will now have to pay 40 percent lower tariffs for the incoming calls while roaming. For outgoing calls, both local and STD, the new charges are up to 23 percent lower. Also, with RCOM’s One India, One Rate Plan, incoming calls during roaming will be free, besides a single rate for roaming and home networks. The pack will be valid for 28 days and are charged between Rs. 40 to Rs. 50.
New Roaming tariff for Airtel and Reliance

National Roaming Current Charges Renewed Charges Reduction (%)
Outgoing Local 1.00 0.80 20
Outgoing STD 1.50 1.15 23
Incoming calls 0.75 0.45 40
SMS local `1.00 0.25 75
SMS STD 1.50 0.38 75

For Airtel, the incoming roaming call rates are same as Reliance, of 40 percent reduction.  Outgoing inter circle call rates are reduced up to 23 percent and outgoing local call rates are reduced up to 20 percent. The rates for outgoing local text messages are reduced to 75 percent, whereas the outgoing STD text messages are reduced at 74 percent.

Vodafone and Idea Cellular announced their renewed tariffs earlier the day.

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May 1, 2015 5:50 pm 5:50 PM
Lol, As Expected Airtel Becomes the first operator to raise the roaming charges after implementing TRAI Rule. Just like it Decreased Mobile Data Rate by 90% by reducing base rate of 10p/10KB to 1p/10KB while actually increasing the price by changing Rs 249/- 1GB 3G Data Pack with 30 Days validity to Rs 255/- 1GB 3G Data Pack with 28 Days validity. This time Airtel had to bow down to TRAI order and changed to default SMS Rates 25p, 38p Incoming Rates 45p and Outgoing Rates 80p & Rs1.15 under roaming but has silently changed its Roaming free plan. Earlier… Read more »
HS Sharma
May 1, 2015 3:29 pm 3:29 PM

Airtel- The worst network of country. Vodafone is far better than airtel. Idea is also good.

sanjit roy
May 1, 2015 7:34 pm 7:34 PM

Yes it’s true! even airtel’s management is geting worse day by day, once I spoke to a airtel’s back office employee he told me that the task which is assigned to a relevant department only just ignores and dispatches to other departments and they also continues to do the same. This may be the actuall reason .

sanjit roy
May 1, 2015 9:26 am 9:26 AM

Day by day airtel is getting worst the similar issues are faced here in rowb and Kolkata. Whenever we raise a complain regarding network they always gives us false resolutions, I think if they are not interested for consumer grievances then we should not be interested in airtel anymore. Just port to any other quality driven operator.