Vodafone slashed national roaming tariffs, special roaming tariff plans are introduced

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Vodafone confirmed slashing of national roaming tariffs today, following TRAI’s amendment to reduce the ceiling charges. In the tariffs released today, 40 percent of the incoming call rates will be reduced, making roaming more affordable to its customers. The local and STD call charges while roaming are slashed at 20 percent and 23 percent respectively. The text messages too are 75 percent lesser compared to the present charges. The new tariffs will come into effect from May 1, 2015.

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During roaming, for all outgoing local calls, a ceiling of 80 paise/minute has been fixed from the earlier Rs. 1/min. For STD calls, it will be Rs 1.15/min from the earlier Rs. 1.5/min. For incoming calls on roaming, a ceiling of 45 paise/minute has been fixed from the earlier 75 paise/minute.

Similarly, for local text messages, it is 25 paise compared to the current Rs. 1. For STD text messages, 38 paise will be charged, instead of the Rs. 1. 50 earlier.

Moreover, the telecom operator has introduced Special Roaming Tariff Plan (SRTP) aiming at frequent travelers. Both post-paid and pre-paid customers can avail the plan. Telecom Talk had earlier reported the news.

The revised tariffs are given at a glance below:

 Existing till 30th Apr’15Revised from 1st May’15Percentage change (reduction)
IncomingRs 0.75/minRs 0.45/min40%
Outgoing LocalRe 1.00/minRs 0.80/min20%
Outgoing STDRs 1.50/minRs 1.15/min23%
SMS LocalRe 1.00Rs 0.2575%
SMS STDRs 1.50Rs 0.3875%

Special Roaming Tariff Plan at a glance:

Plan Prepaid

SRTP (180 days)

Postpaid* (SRTP)
MRP INR (range) 201 (195-205)Plan Rental: 149/month
Current TariffsOutgoing Home & RoamINR 0.9/min[email protected] Re 1/min

STD @ Rs. 1.5/min

 Roam IncomingFREEFREE
 SMS (Local/STD) Home & Roam1/1.51/1.5
Revised TariffsOutgoing Home & RoamRs. 0.8/minLocal @ Re. 0.8/min

STD @ Rs. 1.15/min

Roam IncomingFREEFREE
SMS (Local/STD) Home & Roam0.25/0.380.25/0.38
Validity30 day7 day1 day30 days
MRP INR (range)75




Current TariffsIncoming Free

OG Local & STD @ 1.5 p/s

SMS Local @ Re 1

SMS STD @ Rs. 1.5

Incoming Free

OG Local – Re. 1/min

OG STD – Rs. 1.5/min

SMS Local @ Re. 1

SMS STD @ Rs 1.5

Proposed tariffsIncoming Free

Local Outgoing @ 1.3 p/s

Outgoing STD @ 1.6 p/s

SMS Local – Rs 0.25

SMS STD – Rs. 0.38

Incoming Free

Outgoing Local – Rs 0.8/min

Outgoing STD – Rs. 1.15/min

Outgoing Local – Rs 0.25

Outgoing STD – Rs. 0.38

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