Railwire Broadband Tariff Plans: Check Unlimited Data & FUP Limit Plans With Prices

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Railwire Broadband is offering competitive plans in the industry to compete with the likes of JioFiber, Airtel Xstream Fiber and BSNL. Railwire is providing services across various popular states like Kerala, Telangana, Karnataka, Punjab and so on. In this article, we are going to discuss the plans offered by Railwire Broadband in Punjab. The Internet Service Provider (ISP) has both Unlimited and FUP Data Limit plans. The fastest broadband plan under Railwire's arsenal is the 200 Mbps plan that's available in both unlimited data and FUP limit versions. Continue reading to know more about the Railwire Broadband plans on offer.

Railwire Broadband Unlimited Data Plans Detailed

The broadband plans from Railwire in Punjab with unlimited data start at just Rs 499. As you can see in the table, the basic broadband plan with 10 Mbps speeds is priced at Rs 499, followed by the 20 Mbps plan at Rs 599, 50 Mbps plan at Rs 799, 100 Mbps plan at Rs 999, 150 Mbps plan at Rs 1,499, and the premium 200 Mbps plan with unlimited data costs Rs 1,899 per month.

Unlimited Data Plans
Port SpeedPlan Rental (per Month)
10 MbpsRs 499/-
20 MbpsRs 599/-
50 MbpsRs 799/-
100 MbpsRs 999/-
150 MbpsRs 1,499/-
200 MbpsRs 1,899/-

Railwire Broadband FUP Plans Detailed

While there are just six broadband plans with unlimited data, Railwire has a plethora of plans with FUP limit starting at just Rs 599. The basic plan with 2 Mbps speeds, 100GB FUP limit and 512 Kbps after FUP speeds is available at Rs 599. The premium broadband plan with FUP limit ships with 200 Mbps speeds, 1000GB FUP limit and 1 Mbps after FUP speeds. All the Railwire Broadband plans with FUP limit are listed on the table.

Port Speed*Monthly Rental  (per Month)
Data UsageAfter FUP
2 MbpsRs 599/-100GB512k_kbps
4 MbpsRs 799/-100GB512k_kbps
5 MbpsRs 699/-90GB512k_kbps
6 MbpsRs 499/-50GB512k_kbps
8 MbpsRs 899/-60GB512k_kbps
8 MbpsRs 999/-100GB512k_kbps
8 MbpsRs 849/-120GB1mbps_kbps
10 MbpsRs 449/-30GB1mbps_kbps
10 MbpsRs 649/-70GB1mbps_kbps
10 MbpsRs 1,099/-80GB1mbps_kbps
10 MbpsRs 599/-100GB1mbps_kbps
10 MbpsRs 1,249/-120GB1mbps_kbps
10 MbpsRs 1,349/-200GB1mbps_kbps
16 MbpsRs 1,099/-100GB2mbps_kbps
20 MbpsRs 1,499/-100GB2mbps_kbps
20 MbpsRs 699/-200GB1mbps_kbps
20 MbpsRs 1,899/-200GB2mbps_kbps
40 MbpsRs 999/-60GB1mbps_kbps
40 MbpsRs 1,399/-120GB2mbps_kbps
40 MbpsRs 799/-300GB1mbps_kbps
50 MbpsRs 2,499/-200GB2mbps_kbps
50 MbpsRs 899/-400GB1mbps_kbps
60 MbpsRs 1,699/-150GB2mbps_kbps
75 MbpsRs 949/-500GB1mbps_kbps
80 MbpsRs 1,899/-180GB2mbps_kbps
100 MbpsRs 2,699/-250GB2mbps_kbps
100 MbpsRs 999/-350GB1mbps_kbps
100 MbpsRs 1,099/-400GB1mbps_kbps
100 MbpsRs 2,999/-500GB2mbps_kbps
125 MbpsRs 1,249/-750GB1mbps_kbps
150 MbpsRs 1,499/-750GB1mbps_kbps
200 MbpsRs 1,949/-1000GB1mbps_kbps

Railwire Broadband Top-Up Plans for FUP Subscribers

Besides the broadband plans with unlimited data and FUP limit, Railwire has some top-up offering aimed at the users who choose the FUP limit plans. The five top-ups available are Rs 149 with 5GB data, Rs 249 top-up with 10GB data, Rs 199 top-up with 25GB data benefit, Rs 299 top-up with 50GB data, and finally the Rs 449 data top-up that offers 100GB data.

Top-Up Plans for FUP Subscribers

Data Usage

Plan Rental

5GBRs 149/-
10GBRs 249/-
25GBRs 199/-
50GBRs 299/-
100GBRs 449/-

Railwire Broadband Welcome Broadband Plans Detailed

Next up, we have the 'Welcome Plans' for new broadband subscribers. There are a total of four with 10 Mbps speeds priced at Rs 299 and going all the way up to Rs 999. The data benefit is offered on a daily basis and shown in the table, and the duration of the plans differ from each other.

SpeedData UsageDurationRental
10 Mbps5GB per day30 daysRs 299/-
10 Mbps5GB per day90 daysRs 499/-
10 Mbps10GB per day30 daysRs 599/-
10 Mbps10GB per day90 daysRs 999/-

Railwire Broadband Long-Term Plans Detailed

Lastly, there are the 'Railwire Broadband Term Plans,' which are basically the ISP's long-term plans with free service. Users who choose a plan for 90 days will get additional service of ten days for free.

Any Plan90 Days10 days Extra
180 Days30 days Extra
300 Days60 days Extra

For 180 days, the ISP will provide 30 days of extra service, and for 300 days, users will be eligible for 60 days of free service.

Note: The plans included in this article are for Punjab. Railwire has different plans for other states.

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