Qualcomm Introduces 5G Capabilities to Snapdragon 4-Series Platform

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Qualcomm Technologies on Thursday announced that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 4-series will receive 5G connectivity capability in “early 2021.” The company said that it plans to “accelerate 5G global commercialisation” with Qualcomm highlighting that the revised Snapdragon 4-series is “designed to be truly global.” Qualcomm Technologies currently enabled 5G connectivity capabilities on six of its platforms including the Snapdragon 865+, Snapdragon 865 and Snapdragon 855. Further, the Snapdragon 768G, Snapdragon 765 and 765G along with Snapdragon 690 also support 5G connectivity options. Motorola, Oppo and Xiaomi are expected to unveil devices powered by the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 4-series platform in “early 2021.”

Qualcomm to Accelerate 5G Global Commercialisation with Snapdragon 4-series Platform

The company highlighted that the 5G networks are currently available with more than 80 telecom operators in more than 35 countries across the globe.

“Qualcomm continues to pave the way for 5G commercialisation at scale, and the expansion of 5G into our Snapdragon 4-series is expected to address regions that currently have approximately 3.5 billion smartphone users combined,” Cristiano Amon, president at Qualcomm Incorporated, said in the release.

It has to be noted that the Indian government has not set a definitive date for the 5G auctions in India. However, multiple devices including flagship smartphones with 5G capabilities powered by the Snapdragon platforms are already on sale in the country.

“The Snapdragon 4-series 5G Mobile Platform is designed to exceed expectations for the mass-market segment by bringing an assortment of predominately high- and mid-tier features to a broader audience,” Amon said. “It will deliver on the promise of making 5G accessible to all smartphone users.”

Motorola, Oppo and Xiaomi Expected to Unveil New Devices with Snapdragon 4-Platform Soon

Sergio Buniac, president of Motorola said that the company is “excited” to continue its collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies in 2021 to introduce “5G for everyone.”

Similarly, Lei Jun, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi highlighted that the company has introduced “several 5G smartphones” powered by multiple Snapdragon platforms such as the Snapdragon 8-series and Snapdragon 7-series.

“Xiaomi will become one of the world’s first OEMs to introduce a 5G smartphone powered by the Snapdragon 4-series 5G mobile platform,” Jun said in the release.

Qualcomm highlighted that the devices based on the Snapdragon 4-series platform are expected to be available commercially in the “first quarter of 2021.”

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