PUBG Mobile Improvises Spectator Mode to Enhance Anti-Cheating Measures

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PUBG Mobile has become one of the world’s most popular online game. Millions of players play the game's different maps every day. One thing that no one likes is cheating in a game. PUBG Mobile team has been very active in working out the loopholes in the game to stop players from cheating. There are more ways than one that players can use to cheat. One such way is the spectator mode. A spectator mode allows other people to enter the room and spectate the map to learn where the different players are. This is a huge advantage to the person or a team spectating others in a room game.

PUBG Mobile Says No More Usual Spectating Mode

While playing room games, other people who have access to the room id and password can come and spectate the match. This can be exploited by the players in the room. They can create another id and spectate the match from the other id. This would allow them to look at where the different teams are. This is a kind of cheating no one would be able to catch. Understanding this, PUBG Mobile has changed its spectating rules.

The new spectator mode would allow the spectator to only see what the player on the screen is seeing. This means now the spectators will be spectating individual players instead of the whole map altogether.

Taking this further, PUBG Mobile helped players understand that this type of cheating consists of three parts — host, spectator, and game server. PUBG Mobile said, “The cheating user will use two mobile phones. The host will play the match normally and get the spectator to use an x-ray vision plug-in to cheat. The game server will determine in real-time whether a player is visible in the view of the host. If it determines that a player is not visible in the view of the host, it will not transmit the location data of the player to spectators. When the server determines that a player is visible in the view of the host, it will start to transmit the location data of the player to spectators."

So now users won’t be able to use the cheating plug-ins to modify the game data. This would certainly enhance the gaming experience for users all the world and make the game fairer for everyone.

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