PUBG Mobile May Return as Battlegrounds Mobile India

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PUBG Mobile India

Any gamer in India, be it a professional gamer or a casual one, is quite aware of what PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is. The game took India by storm in the last few years, with every child and gamer seemingly obsessed with the concept of the game, wherein the user is dropped on an island with 100 other players and is required to survive.

This concept seemed to gel well with both the gamer used to a proper gaming setup and with a gamer who has just a phone to his disposal, as one could play the game on either a smartphone, tablet or on their laptops or PCs.

Despite all this, the game got banned last year alongside multiple other Chinese applications, with an announcement revealing on a later date that the game would be launched again via a partnership between the PUBG corporation and Krafton, with the game being tailored for the Indian market after it received backlash for violence and security concerns.

Now, it seems that PUBG India is on the verge of a relaunch, but it seems that it might not return with the same moniker as before.

What Do We Know About PUBG India’s Launch?

Previously, the PUBG Mobile India game was teased on Youtube, with the video having been taken down in a matter of minutes, which included a coming soon teaser. It has also been a couple of months since the announcement regarding a re-launch was made by PUBG Corporation and Krafton.

It has emerged, however, via the source code data of PUBG Mobile India’s website, which was discovered by Gemwire that there is a new creative suggesting that the upcoming game will be called Battlegrounds Mobile India, instead of being called PUBG Mobile.

Furthermore, AFKGaming has reported that Krafton had purchased domains that contain the name Battlegrounds Mobile India. The URL of the PUBG Mobile India Facebook page also indicates the name change.

Whilst this does not give out any concrete details about the game itself, it does shed light on a rebrand that was required after the ban.

It seems that there is no official announcement tipped for now, but with the amount of fanfare given to the announcement back in November last year, one can expect the game to launch with a lot of hype and excitement.

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