20 companies including LG and Sony to pre-install Microsoft apps on tablets

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Microsoft’s productivity apps will soon come pre-installed on Android tablets. The company, today revealed that it has struck a deal with Android Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for the expansion of its applications. The initial step for the same was taken in few months in March when two major companies (Samsung and Dell) along with other small firms agreed upon pre-installing Microsoft applications on their devices.

MS TabletNow, to take the agreement further Microsoft has roped in 20 more OEMs and the new move comprises of big names such as LG and Sony as well. These 20 OEMs have agreed to make their tablets geared with Microsoft apps such as PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Skype, OneNote and OneDrive. All being said, we can soon expect these companies shipping their tablets with MS apps.

Moreover, we can also expect the Sony Xperia Z4 tablet, which will be launched in the course of next 3 months, to come packed with above mentioned Microsoft applications. Likewise, we can also expect LG to pre-install the apps in its upcoming tablet.

New partners who will provide Microsoft services on Android tablets include:

  • Axdia International GMBH – Germany
  • Cube – China
  • DL – Brazil
  • General Procurement – United States
  • Grupo Nucleo – Argentina
  • Haier – China
  • Inco – Mexico
  • Ionik GBMH – Germany
  • Iview – United States and Latam
  • LG – Global
  • Multilaser – Brazil
  • Noblex – Argentina
  • Pacific (Vulcan) – Mexico
  • Philco – Argentina
  • Positivo – Brazil
  • Prestigio – EMEA
  • Sony – Global
  • Teclast – China
  • TMAX Digital – North America
  • Wortmannn – Germany

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