Poco X2 Launching Next Week Is a Gaming Phone With 120 Hz Refresh Rate

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The new release by Poco, which is probably around the corner, has been the new chatter in town. Until now, there have been a lot of speculations and rumours about the new launch from Poco. But, these have been speculations only. Although today Poco itself has confirmed the launch of its new phone in India which is the Poco X2. The news comes from none other than the official channel of Poco. The Poco India Twitter page has made a tweet along with an image which indulges in some of the details of the Poco X2. Not only this, but Poco has also given a link to its official website as well where the brand has revealed more about this new device. The date for the Poco X2 launch has been set on Feb 4, 2020. This means that there is not much time left for the launch and in a week’s time, we will be able to see the Poco X2 in its entirety.


Poco X2 Features Teased by the Brand

The Tweet by Poco reads, “An Xperience that will make you go, “Bruh, it’s #SmoothAF”. #POCOX2 is arriving on Feb 4th 2020.” The official website of Poco also hints towards the launch of the Poco X2 with a countdown timer. It is worth noting that the Poco X2 will be launched at 12 PM on Feb 4, 2020. Now coming to the highlight of the phone, we know that Poco will be bringing 120 Hz refresh rate on its latest phone. One of the sections on the Poco X2 website notes “Extreme refresh rate, extreme gaming. Time to level up to seamless touch response.” This means that the Poco X2 might come with a screen which has not only a very high refresh rate but also a sensitive touch screen for the gamers.

Some of the other features of the Poco X2 which have been teased on the official website include the processor. Which is likely to be a high-end one and probably can be the Snapdragon 730G. There is also a hint on the cooling technology of Poco as well. With all of these combined, it can be easily said that the Poco X2 will come with a very heavy emphasis on gaming and is likely to compete with the likes of other gaming phones in India. Lastly, there is a hint towards fast charging as well.

Poco X2 Is Likely the Rebranded Redmi K30

It is worth noting that with all the specifications that Poco has teased for its Poco X2, there has already been news that the Poco X2 might be the rebranded version of the Redmi K30 which was launched in China some time back. While the Xiaomi Redmi K30 has not yet released in India, it is likely that the company has decided to bring the phone to India under the Poco moniker and will be selling it as the Poco X2.

Even if that is the case, the fans of the Poco brand are probably going to be pleased. The brand which had started under Xiaomi with the launch of the Poco F1 in August 2018, has been out of the market for 18 months and not only this, the Poco F1 left an impression in the Indian market and also left a lot of fans waiting for more. These consumers in India will finally get a second device from Poco after more than a year.

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