Philips Launched Two New Soundbars in India With Wireless Subwoofer, Specifications and Price

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Philips has launched two new soundbars in India today - Philips TAB7305 and Philips TAB5305. Both the soundbars come with support for 2.1 channel setup and wireless subwoofers. The Philips TAB7305 comparatively offers more powerful sound than the Philips TAB5305. However, there is also a big pricing difference between the two, which is mentioned ahead. The Philips TAB7305 gets a few extra features over the Philips TAB5305. The company is providing wall brackets with the speakers if you want to mount them on your home/office walls.

Philips TAB7305 and Philips TAB5305 Specifications

The Philips TAB7305 comes with a total of 300W sound output system (140W subwoofer and 160W sounder). On the other hand, the Philips TAB5305 comes with a total of 70W sound output system (30W from the sounder and 40W from subwoofer), much less than the Philips TAB7305.

Both Philips TAB7305 and Philips TAB5305 come with support for connectivity options such as 3.5mm audio jack, Bluetooth 4.2, HDMI 1.4 with ARC, and a digital optical unit. However, the TAB7305 gets extra connectivity features on top of this - USB port and HDMI-CEC feature.

In audio formats, the Philips TAB5305 only supports SBC via Bluetooth and LPCM 2ch via HDMI ARC and optical. In comparison, the Philips TAB7305 comes with support for audio formats such as Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus via HDMI ARC, LPCM 2ch, SBC via Bluetooth, and Dolby Digital and LPCM 2ch via Optical connection.

The Philips TAB5305 soundbar measures 900x91x65.5mm, while Philips TAB7305 soundbar measures 800x95x64.7mm. The subwoofer of the Philips TAB5305 measures 150x225x267mm, and the subwoofer of Philips TAB7305 measures 380x280x190mm.

Philips TAB7305 and Philips TAB5305 Price

The Philips TAB7305 has launched for Rs 21,990, and the Philips TAB5305 is priced at Rs 14,990. These soundbars are available to be purchased from the company's online and offline partners in India and the official website of Philips India.

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