OxygenOS Gets New Optimised Charging Feature to Defer the Battery Drain Rate

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OnePlus' OxygenOS is getting a new feature called 'Optimised Charging' which is aimed at protecting your OnePlus device from overheating while charging. This feature will track the user sleep cycle and comes in extremely handy for the users who put their OnePlus device to charge while going to sleep during the night. According to OnePlus, this feature will not charge the device to 100% overnight and the battery will be charged to 80% initially. With the help of the user sleep cycle detection feature, the battery will fully charge before you wake up. The feature will get better over time as OxygenOS will learn your sleeping patterns. That said, it's a completely optional feature and the users can enable or disable it via battery settings.

What is OnePlus' Optimised Charging Feature?

OnePlus disrupted the smartphone market when it introduced the 'Dash Charging' feature back with the OnePlus 3. Back then, everyone wondered how OnePlus managed to achieve it as there were concerns about phone overheating while charging. However, OnePlus used a different technique of providing fast charging via the charging brick and not within the smartphone.

The Optimised Charging feature for OnePlus smartphones will charge the battery 80% initially and suspend the charging temporarily. The charging will stop using the company's new 'user sleep cycle detection' feature. OnePlus says the smartphone will start charging 100 minutes before you daily wake up time or first alarm or the first event of the day. Once the charging resumes, it will charge the device to 100%.

Having said that, your OnePlus smartphone will charge to 80% initially even if it's connected to the charger the whole time. The charging will resume based on the above-mentioned factors and the phone will also track your sleep timings to automatically resume the charge just as you take it off the charger.

After a few weeks, the smartphone will intelligently resume the last charge by learning your sleep pattern.

How to Enable Optimised Charging Feature on Your OnePlus Phone?

As noted, this new feature from OnePlus is an entirely optional one and the users who are not interested in this feature can disable it. But for those who want to enable it, here are the simple steps. Open the Settings app>Battery>Turn on Optimised Charging to enable the feature.

Do make note that the phone will learn your daily routine and collect relevant data once you enable the feature. OnePlus says the data which it collects will be saved on the device only.

When the optimised charging feature is on the active mode, you can see a new element on the Battery icon. Also, a muted notification will be displayed in the notification bar which will allow users to either disable the feature with just a tap for resuming the charge to 100%.

"If you want your phone to charge to 100% immediately, you can disable Optimised Charging by tapping the "Continue Charging" button in the drop-down notification," says OnePlus.

In the forum page, OnePlus also said that it would continue to improve its in-depth sleep detection capability in unconventional sleep times, such as staying up late on weekends, recognition when charging time zones and so on.

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