Openreach Expands Full Fibre Deployment to 10 New Locations Across the UK

Openreach has expanded its Full Fibre broadband deployment to 10 new locations across the UK, including Wales and Scotland. The company's regular programme of build updates covers over 2,800 towns, cities, boroughs, villages, and hamlets.


  • Openreach expands Full Fibre broadband deployment to 10 new locations in the UK.
  • Over 2,800 towns, cities, boroughs, villages, and hamlets covered in the build programme.
  • UK government target of delivering gigabit capable broadband to 85 percent of the UK by 2025.

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Openreach Expands Full Fibre Broadband Deployment to 10 New Locations Across the UK

Openreach, the UK's largest wholesale broadband network, has announced its updated plans for the deployment of Full Fibre broadband across the country. The company will also provide gigabit-capable technology to a further 124,000 homes and businesses in 10 new locations across the UK.

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Full Fibre Broadband Deployment Across UK

Openreach's build programme now covers more than 2,800 towns, cities, boroughs, villages, and hamlets, which is crucial for the UK government's goal of achieving "gigabit capable broadband" to 85% of the country by 2025. The company has passed ten million premises across the UK, including three million in the "final third" of the country that are challenging to serve.

10 New Locations Added

The company plans to deploy Full Fibre to 25 million homes and businesses nationwide by December 2026. As part of this plan, Openreach has now added new locations, including Cheriton in Kent, Mexborough in South Yorkshire, Grangemouth in Scotland, and Morriston in Wales, where around 16,500 homes and businesses will benefit from the company's regular programme of build updates.

According to a statement, Thousands of people living and working in Swansea and the rest of Wales already have access to ultrafast broadband and investment is planned across the country.

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Digital Phone Line Upgrade

Openreach is upgrading the UK's phone lines to digital, with the plan to retire the analogue phone network at the end of 2025. Landline voice calls will be transmitted in the same way as broadband, ensuring a more reliable and consistent service.

Cebr Report Highlights Economic Benefits of Full Fibre Broadband

According to a report by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr), providing Full Fibre broadband to everyone across Wales could contribute 2 billion Euros to the local economy. This move will unlock smarter ways of working, improve public services, and offer greater opportunities for the next generation of home-grown businesses. The report also suggests that around 50,000 people across Wales could return to the workforce through enhanced connectivity, including in small businesses and entrepreneurship.

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Openreach regularly updates its build information every three months to adjust timings and add new locations as necessary, keeping people informed about when the build will start in each exchange location.

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