3 New OnePlus TVs Arriving Next Week With Less Than Rs 50,000 Pricing

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OnePlus has always come out with innovative products at amazing prices. That is the reason why it has seen tremendous success in the Indian market. It started from selling smartphones and once it became successful, it jumped into another line of products as well. One of its products, OnePlus TV was launched in 2019. OnePlus came out with its Q1 TV series, but it was priced in a very expensive segment. Now OnePlus is coming out with 3 new Smart TVs. The tech giant has been dropping hints about the product in their Instagram account for a few days now.

OnePlus TV Series To Start Under Rs 20,000

You can pre-book the OnePlus TV series now. Today, on their Instagram account OnePlus teased about the price of its upcoming Smart TVs. According to the teaser, the cheapest Smart TV will be priced above Rs 10,000 but below Rs 20,000. The second one will be priced in the range of Rs 20,000 - Rs 30,000. The most expensive Smart TV in the lineup will be priced in the range of Rs 40,000 - Rs 50,000. This is right in the line of OnePlus, starting with cheap but quality products to ensure that there is something for everyone.

There are a few more details that OnePlus has teased their customers with on their Instagram account. One thing that you will notice with the upcoming OnePlus TV is its ultra-slim body. In one of the teasers that OnePlus released on Instagram, the OnePlus TV is placed right next to the OnePlus 8 and both the products look similar in thickness.

Another thing that OnePlus teased about is the picture quality that you can expect from the upcoming OnePlus TV series. The TV series will come equipped with a breathtaking cinematic experience as it will be equipped with Dolby Vision Atmos technology. Both sound and visuals of Smart TVs will be very good. If you want to purchase the new OnePlus TVs, you can pre-book them online now.

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