Nokia to Help DELTA Fiber Offer 10 Gbps Broadband Speed

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Nokia, a Finland-based multinational company, has partnered with DELTA Fiber Netherlands to aid in the expansion of the broadband services offered by the company. DELTA Fiber is a subsidiary company of EQT. The deal will be carried out with Nokia's network and equipment for customer's premises. With Nokia's portfolio of both networking and customer equipment, DELTA Fiber would be able to provide 10 Gbps network speed to its users, which can be further increased to 25 Gbps when needed.

Sandy Motley, President of Nokia Fixed Networks business said that customers of DELTA Fiber would experience a high speed of 10 Gbps, which can be easily upgraded to 25 Gbps when required and they will also experience seamless connectivity after the expansion. She further said that Nokia will be using its portfolio of both networking and customer equipment for carrying out the deal.

Nokia Will Use XGS.PON Network Equipment

In the expansion of DELTA Fiber’s network speed, Nokia will use XGS.PON network equipment based on the Quillion chipset, which is also ready for 25GPON. For the unknown, XGS.PON is an updated standard of Passive Optical Network (PON). PON is fiber-optic telecommunication technology developed for delivering network access to end customers. In short, PON works on the idea in which a single optical fiber serves multiple endpoints.

John Wittekamp, CTO, DELTA Fiber, said that DELTA Fiber is the fastest-growing company in the fiber to the home (FTTH) market in the Netherlands. The company is striving hard to deliver the fastest speed in the Netherlands, and with Nokia’s field-proven support, it can bring the customers the fastest network in the country. He also said that as customers’ needs change, DELTA Fiber is capable of fulfilling the need by providing up to 25 Gbps when needed.

Moreover, DELTA Fiber is going to manage the network with the help of Nokia’s Altiplano Access Controller, enabling network automation, faster innovation, and simplified operations using Software-Defined Access Network (SDAN) solutions. The deployment will combine Nokia SDAN technology with Microsoft Azure cloud-based services and Nokia’s developer ecosystem to equip DELTA Fiber with the tools the operators need for digital transformation.

Furthermore, DELTA Fiber will also provide retail subscribers XGS.PON capable receivers with the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard, supporting Nokia’s Wi-Fi mesh technology for superior network expansion within the home.

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