Nokia’s New 5G Small Cells to Improve Connectivity

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Nokia 5G

Nokia is a global telecom vendor that invests heavily in its research and development wing to come out with new and better technology products for enhancing the way people connect. One of Nokia’s major products is its 5G AirScale portfolio. The company provides a ton of value to the operators around the globe who are trying to roll out 5G networks with its AirScale portfolio of products.

Now, Nokia has introduced a new generation of 5G small cells under its AirScale portfolio. These 5G small cells are designed to support the C-band spectrum in the U.S.

Nokia AirScale micro Remote Radio Heads Are Cost-Efficient

Nokia’s latest generation 5G small cells, technically called AirScale micro Remote Radio Heads (mRRH), will be able to deliver a strong 5G coverage to the users outdoors in heavily populated and dense urban areas.

For the unaware, the 3G/4G networks also utilise small cells to enhance the network coverage for the users. However, with 5G in the high-frequency spectrum bands, the need for the small cells will go up since high-frequency bands can be interrupted very easily. The operators will need to install more small cells to provide the same range of coverage for 5G that they did for 3G/4G with a lesser number of small cells.

The latest AirScale 5G small cells technology from Nokia is meant to keep the costs for the operators down. They consume lesser power than the older generation small cells, and the overall operational cost is also lower.

The updated portfolio of Nokia also offers better mid-band capabilities with a new n79 product. The new portfolio of products from Nokia also includes the AirScale indoor Radio (ASiR) solutions with an ASiR-pRRH (pico Remote Radio Head) that will be able to support the U.S. C-Band spectrum.

This new generation portfolio of 5G small cells from Nokia is bound to reduce not only overall costs for the operators but also enhance the 5G network coverage by multiple times so that users can experience a uniform network wherever they go. With the mmWave spectrum band, the need for these 5G small cells reaches new heights, and Nokia’s update AirScale portfolio can cater to its needs.

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