AirFiber Networks to Utilise Nokia’s GPON Solutions for Providing Services

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AirFiber Networks

AirFiber Networks, an upcoming internet service provider (ISP) of India, is going to utilise the Gigabit Passive Optical Networking (GPON) solution from Nokia to provide services. It is worth noting that AirFiber Networks is a broadband company that currently services in Bangalore and Tamil Nadu, keeping its focus on South India.

Leveraging the GPON solution from Nokia, AirFiber Networks will be able to offer high-speed broadband plans to its users in Bangalore and under-penetrated areas of Tamil Nadu. AirFiber Networks is an ISP based out of Hosur, Tamil Nadu.

AirFiber Networks Already Started Deployment

The ISP has already started deploying the GPON solution from Nokia in April. The work is expected to complete in the coming months with no specified deadline from the company. Once the deployment is finished, AirFiber Networks will be able to provide customers with access to a very high-speed internet connection to help them with remote working.

Nokia will further provide Network Management Services to AirFiber Networks so that a timely and efficient solution can be provided whenever there is an issue in the networks. With the help of Nokia, AirFiber Networks will be able to take its network capacity, and speeds offered to the next level.

Sasidev MG, Director, AirFiber Networks, said that the company is very confident in partnering up with Nokia and leverage its solution to provide broadband services to the customers. Sasidev further said that a reliable broadband connection had become the need of the hour for people who are working and learning from home.

Vinish Bawa, Head of Emerging Business, Nokia India, said that the company is excited to help AirFiber Networks in setting up a state-of-the-art fibre network line and provide innovative services to its customers. Bawa said that AirFiber Networks would be able to attract new customers on the bedrock of Nokia’s premium and industry-leading GPON solution.

In simple words, Nokia’s GPON solution will help AirFiber Networks in launching more high-speed broadband plans, which will help the company in adding new subscribers and retaining the old ones by enhancing the overall offerings. This should be a good partnership between both the companies and bring fruitful results for both of them.

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