Nokia NetGuard XDR and MDR Services to Bolster 5G Security

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Nokia NetGuard XDR Software

The reach of 5G networks is constantly growing around the world to provide high-speed internet and immersive experience to customers. To ensure complete safety for communication service providers (CSPs), the Finnish multinational company Nokia has launched the NetGuardXDR Security Operations platform and MDR services. The cloud-native platform suite will also cover revenue-enhancing security offerings. In case you are not aware, Nokia NetGuard XDR Security Operations is a cloud-native extended solution and response (XDR) platform suite which has nearly demonstrated 70% increased effectiveness in blocking threats in security operations network.

Nations Around the World are Strengthing Security Infrastructure

To make 5G networks risk-free, nations around the world are developing and strengthening the security infrastructure. Since communication service providers open their networks and industrial enterprises rapidly connect more of their crucial assets, security threats and challenges are growing worldwide.

Both developed and developing countries are catering to the multiple security requirements to make the upcoming fifth-generation network safe for tech users. Nations like the UK, US, India and France are already meeting their security requirements for critical infrastructure.

NetGuard XDR by Nokia is known for its complete effectiveness against harmful threats. The platform suite provides strong network defences that prevent threats before they weaken the system. The module of the platform includes machine learning, new analytics and automation functions to efficiently manage conditions and neutralise threats.

Nokia Utilises XDR Capabilities To Offer Safe Passage in 5G Network

To provide a threat-free network experience, communication service providers (CSPs) require additional expertise. The additional security requirements are covered by MDR. In fact, XDR is complemented by MDR. Under the MDR business model, Nokia fully capitalises on XDR and integrates the skill in its 24/7 security intelligence operations for finding out and resolving security threats.

Nokia NetGuard XDR Security Operation platform supports subscription-based security services like endpoint protection for enterprise IoT devices, 5G slice monitoring and more. Raghav Sahgal, who is the President of Cloud and Network Services, Nokia, stated that the entity is showing its technology leadership in the critical security space. With NetGuard XDR and MDR, Nokia neutralises the threat for its CSP and enterprise customers.

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