Nokia Intros Highly Affordable, 3G Mobile Phones – Nokia 207 and Nokia 208

Nokia today expanded its range of classically designed mobile phones with the launch of three new, high-performing handsets. The Nokia 207, Nokia 208 and Nokia 208 Dual SIM combine the familiar ‘candybar’ design with Nokia’s signature bold colors and 3.5G-capable Internet speeds.

Nokia 207 and Nokia 208

Popular social apps, smarter imaging and productivity features such as Internet-sharing and Mail for Exchange support make these phones some of the most versatile at their price point; perfect for people balancing work and play.

The Nokia 207 and Nokia 208 are ideal for use on-the-go, with a familiar, alphanumeric keypad for speedy texts and messaging, and Mail for Exchange for staying on top of work email and calendar appointments. The Transfer app, available today in the Nokia Store, allows people to sync contacts directly from their smartphone and transforms the Nokia 207 and Nokia 208 into secondary or companion devices, perfect for travel.

The Nokia 208 Dual SIM has the added benefit of Nokia’s Easy Swap technology, allowing people to change SIM cards without turning off the device, to take advantage of more favorable tariffs.

Consistent with devices across the Nokia Mobile Phones portfolio, the Nokia 207 and Nokia 208 offer faster and more affordable mobile Internet experiences. Support for 3G coupled with the data compression available with Nokia Xpress Browser help people enjoy rich mobile experiences at lower cost.


These experiences include top social apps such as WhatsApp**, Facebook and Twitter, alongside video streaming through YouTube and Vuclip. For even greater versatility, people can also use the Nokia 207 and Nokia 208 as a portable modem, simply by connecting the device to their laptop via a USB cable for Internet sharing anywhere, anytime.

The smart camera features of the Nokia 208 make taking pictures more enjoyable, with voice-guided self-portrait, sequential shot and panorama mode giving people more playful imaging options. Sharing photos is a breeze with the Slam feature that allows people to share images with another Bluetooth-enabled device in just a few clicks.

The Nokia 207 and Nokia 208 deliver outstanding battery life – up to 33 days of standby time for the Nokia 207 and Nokia 208, and up to 20 days of standby time for the Nokia 208 Dual SIM – helping people stay connected for longer. Easy to clean and scratch-proof, the handsets are durable for everyday use as well as more extreme conditions, such as hot or dusty environments.

The Nokia 208 will be available in single SIM and Easy Swap Dual SIM variants. The Nokia 207 will be available as a single SIM option without a camera in Europe. Available colours include red, cyan, yellow, white and black. The estimated retail price for the Nokia 207 and Nokia 208 is 68 USD (52 Euros) and they are expected to start shipping during third quarter of 2013.

Tech specs :

Networks : GSM 850/900/1800/1900 WCDMA 850 or 900/1900 or 2100*

Size/Weight : 114.2 x 50.9 x 12.8mm / 89.63g (Nokia 207); 90.59g (Nokia 208)

Display : 2.4” QVGA

Battery : 1020mAh

Camera: 1.3 MP (Nokia 208)

Connectivity : Bluetooth 3.0 with Slam sharing, micro USB, 3.5mm AV connector, AHJ headphone support, Easy Swap Dual SIM (Nokia 208 Dual SIM)

Memory: Up to 256 MB flash; SD card support up to 32GB.

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July 4, 2013 1:01 pm 1:01 PM

Who are these people that cant afford a smartphone, but want to use 3G internet?

July 4, 2013 5:44 am 5:44 AM
Waste phones (207 and 208). These features make them waste : > No normal SIM slot. Only micro SIM. > Only 1.3 MP camera in 208 model and no camera in 207 model. It should have been 3.15 MP autofocus camera in 208 model. > No front camera for video calls. > No WiFi. > Only 256 K colour. No 16 M colour display. > You have to put a valid SIM in SIM 1 slot to make the SIM in SIM 2 slot to work (that is SIM 2 work will not work independently). This is a major drawback… Read more »
Irfan Ali Nawaz
July 4, 2013 12:04 am 12:04 AM

I hate android, using note1, I hate this android OS, using also L520, I love this phone, from 3 months its never hang even I am doing anything on it and note1 its hangs daily many time…android is shit…

July 4, 2013 1:09 pm 1:09 PM

No, when you’re the only customer that complains of a Note 1 hanging, you are either a power user or you have issues. No power user uses Win Phone, so I have go with the latter.