Netcracker Launches GenAI Telco Solution to Improve Customer Experience, Optimize Operations

Netcracker Technology has launched its GenAI Telco Solution, a comprehensive platform that uses generative AI to help communications service providers (CSPs) improve customer experience, optimize operations, and drive new revenue opportunities.


  • Empowers CSPs with specialized telco-centric scenarios.
  • Maintains data privacy and security with GenAI Trust Gateway.
  • Offers integration with popular GenAI models for flexibility.

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Netcracker Launches GenAI Telco Solution for Telecom Industry
Netcracker Technology, a provider of digital transformation solutions for the communications industry, announced the launch of its GenAI Telco Solution. Netcracker said the solution is designed to help communications service providers (CSPs) harness the power of generative AI (GenAI) to improve customer experience, optimize operations, and drive new revenue opportunities.

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Specialised Telco-Centric Scenarios

According to Netcracker, the solution offers support for specialized telco-centric use cases, including Care Assistant, Agent Partner, Sales Assistant, Catalog Assistant, and Digital Operations Technician. These scenarios address specific challenges and opportunities within the telecom business.

Data Privacy and Security

The solution comprises a GenAI Telco Platform consisting of Knowledge Management to build, test and optimise telco-focused scenarios, such as customer care, business operations, sales and network operations.

Given the highly confidential nature of telco data, Netcracker said its solution places a strong emphasis on data privacy and security. It includes a GenAI Trust Gateway to ensure the highest levels of security and accuracy while working with sensitive telco data.

Real-Time Data Utilisation

As Telco data often changes rapidly, Netcracker's GenAI Telco Solution enables operators to leverage real-time data to deliver exceptional value and productivity gains.

"The Netcracker GenAI Telco Solution enables service providers to securely tap into their telco data and maximize the value from multiple GenAI models and platforms," said Netcracker. "When leveraging enterprise telco data with GenAI, it is crucial to address the data privacy, security and quality concerns. Our solution and library of interaction models allow service providers to quickly generate tangible business value from GenAI for their customers and their internal operations."

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Unified Approach

Netcracker stated that it has integrated its solution with popular commercial GenAI models, providing CSPs with the flexibility to choose a combination of public and private models that align with their business needs and maximize their return on investment.

The solution offers out-of-the-box use cases for various areas of the telco business, helping CSPs accelerate adoption and realize benefits quickly.

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