Myths debunked: All you need to know about Electromagnetic frequencies [EMF]

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Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) is the word which worries the most number of users in the myth that they are harmful to health. Well, here’s good news. Of late, we have been hearing several numbers of myths related to EMF saying that the frequencies are harmful to human man’s health and may lead people to affect with some cancer.

Well, it’s just an MYTH. An analysis of the scientific studies revealed that EMF has no effects. Recently, World Health Organization (WHO) also told that there is no harm caused mobile radiation signals. For those who are still worried about the problems of EMF, here you go. We are debunking the myths surrounding EMF one by one.

Myth 1: It is classified as Group 2B possible carcinogen

The EMF has categorised as Group 2B possible carcinogens by WHO. Coffee is also part of the same group. Being classified as Group 2B doesn’t mean that radio waves are harmful to health. Some scientists believe that extremely low-frequency radiations can cause some harm to the human life. However, that doesn’t have proof either.

Myth 2: Wireless Radiations have more impact

Several scientists have worked on this aspect, and they confirmed that wireless radiation could damage DNA, but the other scientists believe it as nothing. And, most of the people house in India today has several wireless devices. If the wireless radiations are dangerous, then people would have known a long time ago.

Myth 3: TV and radio signals are harmful either

Having said that, the Tv’s and radios are around with us for a quite long time. But, none of us has been affected by them. And, the scientists failed to detect it as well. So, it a great misleading information of tv and radio waves is harmful to health.


Furthermore, recently, Indian Government officially has ruled out EMF causes health issues. The Himachal High Court debunked all the myths surrounding EMF. In the same ruling, the court led by Mansoor Ahmed Ali and Justice Tarlok Singh Chauhan stated that: "It is evident from the reports above that the exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) does not have any substantial impact on the health of human beings. Evidently, the studies conducted till date by the two premier organisations, i.e., WHO and SCENIHR go to indicate that despite a significant number of studies being carried out in the last two decades to assess the potential health risk on account of emission of EMF, no significant adverse health effect has been noticed."

There is no need to worry about the health issues caused by EMF, and they are just myths as stated above.

This news came as a blessing to Indian telecom networks as they are continuously expanding their portfolio. That concludes all about EMF and the long controversy surrounding it for a long time.

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All said and done; there is no conclusive information regarding EMF causing the health related issues to human life. EMF is still a safe thing to work on in India in coming future as well.


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