MTN Uganda Becomes the First Telco to Launch 5G in the Country

MTN Uganda makes history by unveiling the first 5G network in the country. The 5G Network promises faster data speeds and unparalleled digital experiences for its vast subscriber base.


  • MTN Uganda launches the first 5G network in the country.
  • Extensive 5G coverage planned for major cities and the capital.
  • Faster data speeds and lower latency to revolutionize digital experiences.

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MTN Uganda Becomes the First Telco to Launch 5G in the Country
MTN Uganda, a subsidiary of MTN Group, the South African telecommunications giant, became the first telecom service provider to launch 5G network in the East African country, according to the live broadcast of the launch event streamed on social media. The 5G Network launch marks a significant milestone for Uganda's ICT landscape, promising faster data speeds and unmatched digital experiences for its 15 million subscribers.

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As reported by TelecomTalk on July 5th, MTN Uganda had secured the spectrum for 5G services, setting the stage for the technology launch.

5G Launched in Uganda

The introduction of 5G technology brings exciting prospects, including faster data speeds and lower latency, allowing for seamless connectivity and enhanced user experiences. With the country's first live 5G network, MTN Uganda stated that it is poised to revolutionize ICT solutions and drive economic growth.

Enhanced Connectivity and Digital Experiences

"We are incredibly proud to be the first to be live with a 5G network in Uganda, and we firmly believe that this cutting-edge network service will play a pivotal role in driving ICT solutions for economic growth and fostering unparalleled digital experiences for all Ugandans," announced the MTN Uganda CEO during the official announcement at the company's headquarters.

The CEO further emphasized the tangible benefits of 5G technology, stating, "5G is no longer just an idea – it is here, it works, and it has the capacity to bring about exponential improvements to our economy. Try it out today if you are in or around Lugogo Mall. Come to the MTN tent and try it yourself for free."

MTN Uganda said they have selected the cluster around Lugogo Mall, considering the concentration of the 5G compatible devices used by users in those areas. MTN Uganda plans to expand the 5G rollout in the upcoming weeks.

The Chief Technology and Information Officer (CTIO) echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the potential of 5G to complement and enhance the existing fibre and 4G network. MTN Uganda's commitment to delivering cutting-edge connectivity and unmatched services to its valued customers is evident in this initiative.

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Extensive 5G Coverage Planned

MTN Uganda aims to expand its 5G coverage rapidly, planning to roll out full 5G coverage in the capital city, Kampala, by the end of 2024. Currently, all Apple iPhone 12 and above devices can experience the 5G network, with more device support to be added soon.

MTN stated that 5G offers 100x faster speeds than 4G in the right conditions. In addition, the telecom company is set to convert all of its base sites in major cities to 5G within the next two years. MTN has announced that they will gradually unveil products and solutions related to 5G over the next few weeks.

As the telecom provider extends the 5G rollout in the coming weeks, Ugandans can look forward to a new era of connectivity characterized by faster speeds, improved responsiveness, and unprecedented digital experiences.

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