MTN and Pivotal Commware Successfully Trial 5G mmWave Technology in South Africa

Pivotal's innovative solution demonstrates potential for bridging the digital divide and expanding broadband connectivity in Africa. Pivotal Commware says 5G millimeter wave fixed wireless access rivals fibre speed with quicker and easier broadband deployment for homes and businesses.


  • Pivotal Commware completes a field trial with MTN, highlighting the potential of 5G mmWave technology.
  • Pivotal's solution aims to reduce costs and deployment time while ensuring reliable connectivity.
  • The trial focused on optimizing signal coverage using Pivotal's network planning tool and advanced repeaters.

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MTN and Pivotal Commware Successfully Trial 5G mmWave Technology in South Africa

Pivotal Commware, a global leader in 5G mmWave infrastructure products, has concluded a successful field trial with MTN, Africa's largest mobile network operator (MNO), in an important step towards expanding 5G infrastructure in Africa. According to the statement, the trial showcased the capabilities of Pivotal's technology and its potential to significantly reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of mmWave networks.

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Pivotal Commware's 5G mmWave Field Trial with MTN

Pivotal says its solution offers a unique product ecosystem designed to help 5G mobile network operators, like MTN, reduce costs and deployment time while ensuring service reliability. By leveraging their patented antenna technology called Holographic Beam Forming, Pivotal enables 5G MNOs to achieve cost savings of 25 percent to 35 percent compared to traditional fibre-based networks.

The field trial focused on optimizing the placement of multiple Pivot 5G network repeaters using Pivotal's network planning tool, WaveScape. Pivotal said the goal was to enhance mmWave signal coverage for the Festival's Edge apartment complex located in Pretoria, South Africa.

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The repeaters, which require no fibre connection, successfully extended the mmWave signals beyond the range of the existing MTN base station's line-of-sight. This expansion improved broadband service coverage more cost-effectively compared to using fibre-connected base stations alone.

Pivot 5G repeaters Delivered Fibre-like Speeds

According to the statement, the Pivot 5G repeaters, equipped with Holographic Beam Forming technology, delivered fibre-like gigabit+ speeds to customer premises. This breakthrough achievement holds tremendous potential for bringing high-speed connectivity to homes and businesses in Africa, thereby bridging the digital divide and enabling a modern connected life for all.

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MTN said, "This field trial, the first of its kind in Africa, demonstrates our ability to harness robust, cutting-edge 5G technology to enable the benefits of a modern connected life to everyone."

The successful field trial with MTN represents a significant milestone in the deployment of 5G mmWave technology in Africa.

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